How to Leave a Vegas Casino with More Money in Your Pocket

Contrary to popular belief, ensuring you walk out of a Las Vegas casino with plenty of money in your pockets isn’t only about winnings. It’s also about how you conduct yourself in general, which isn’t always as straightforward as it sounds.

Truth is, there are no secret ‘tricks’ or ‘hacks’ that will help you get one over on the house. This alone is the number-one rule for successful gambling, as to think you’ll ever have the edge is to set yourself up for disaster.

Other than this, there are at least 10 things you can and should do on any Vegas casino outing. Heed each of the following and you are (almost) guaranteed to avoid the prospect of walking away empty-handed, or with less than you could have:

Request Smaller Chips

Once you get into the swing of things at a casino, you’ll find yourself throwing chips around like they’re beermats. Their actual value suddenly loses all meaning, as they all look and feel the same. This is precisely why casinos always hand out high-denomination chips as standard – a great way to get people to spend more than they intended. When picking up chips at the cashier, request small denomination chips for your entire stack to avoid this rookie error.

Ask For a Cheque 

If you win big (or pocket a decent prize) head straight over to the cashier. Not to request a wad of cash, but to ask for your winning in the form of a cheque. It might not be nearly as exciting, but the great thing about a cheque is the fact that you cannot lose sight of reality and spend it. With a cheque, you’ve really no choice but to walk out of the casino with your winnings intact.

Beware The Gambler’s Fallacy

The Gambler’s Fallacy refers to a misguided (potentially dangerous) way of thinking, which to some extent is grounded in a certain amount of logic.  According to the rules of the Gambler’s Fallacy, you can predict the outcome of an event based on past events. For example, if you flip a coin 10 times and it lands on heads all 10 times, it simply must land on tails within the next couple of throws…right? Wrong – every flip is a completely unique event with exactly the same 50-50 odds, despite what the Gambler’s Fallacy might have you believe. 

Don’t Get Overconfident 

Say you’re at the roulette table betting on odd/even or high/low, and you’re basically killing it.  In the midst of a winning streak no signs of abating, you may naturally gravitate towards riskier bets (straight-ups, splits, or corners). And in doing so, lose sight of the fact that you are almost certainly going to lose.  Confidence can actually be your worst enemy in a casino, and can pave the way for pretty awful decision-making. The moment you think you cannot possibly lose, you will – and perhaps big.

Always Check the T&Cs

Like online casinos, real-life casinos hand out all manner of incentives to motivate people to spend more. Also like online casinos, these incentives come with a long list of weird and wonderful terms and conditions attached. Some governing how much you can win, others restricting the types of games you can play. Either way, it is very much in your best interests to ensure you read them, if you plan on making use of any bonus offers or incentives.

Don’t Spend Too Long Playing Slots 

Playing slots can be hugely entertaining, and comes highly recommended.  However, spending too much time playing slots (however cheaper they may be) isn’t a good idea…in terms of profitability. The odds of locking away with a decent when playing nothing but slots are practically zero. They can be great for an enjoyable experience, but will almost always see you out of pocket.  Get that the overwhelming majority of casinos generate most of their revenues from penny slots, which tells you something about their payout habits. 

Take Your Time 

Soaking up the atmosphere of a crowded and chaotic Vegas casino can be almost as enjoyable as getting involved in the games themselves. The tendency among many gamblers is to rush the whole thing, as if they’re looking to get the job done as quickly as they possibly can. Elsewhere, those who know what enjoyable gambling is all about spend time at the bar, enjoy lazy meals in the restaurant, and revel in watching other gamblers do their thing. 

Carry Cash (Not Cards) 

It’s never a good idea to walk into a casino armed with more money (and/or credit) than you can comfortably lose. It’s the most pleasant of thoughts, you need to factor in the possibility that you will lose every penny. In this case, heading to a casino with only the exact amount of money you’re happy to part ways with is the best thing you can do. If you don’t have access to any more money, a what lose any more – it’s as simple as that.

Practice Beforehand 

Whatever your preferred game happens to be, it makes sense to learn the ropes ahead of time. You can practice to your heart’s content online, and without paying a penny. There’s no reason to head to a casino table of any kind without at least a basic understanding of how the game works.  Games like blackjack, you can even study a basic guide to what you should do and when, depending on the exact cards you are dealt. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you dipping your toe in gambling for the first time at a casino. But if you want to get the most out of your experience and walk away with more money in your pocket, it’s simply common sense to practice beforehand.

Set Yourself a Time Limit 

Last up, there’s a reason why casinos are engineered to make punters completely lose track of time. The less aware you are of the time of day (or night) it is, the higher the likelihood you’ll stay longer, and spend more.  Precisely where one of the best things you can do for the health of your wallet is to set yourself a time limit, and stick to it like glue.  Better yet, ensure there is somewhere you need to be at a specific time after your casino visit, say you cannot make excuses to stay longer than you meant to. 

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