10 Totally Random and Massively Overpriced Purchases

You sometimes get the feeling that some things are expensive just for the sake of being expensive. Which is why you tell yourself that even if you had more money than God, you still wouldn’t be wasting massive chunks of it on the kind of stuff you don’t need at the kinds of prices that just cannot be justified. Nevertheless, the fact that completely ridiculous items sell for stupid amounts of money every single day proves that there are always people out there ready to pay over the odds for pretty much anything.

Of course, the good Samaritan inside says why not do something more productive with the money? If you have millions to throw around quite wastefully, why not give it to charity? Or invest in something meaningful? Questions that can only be answered by those with the deepest of pockets – most of whom are probably guilty of blowing sizeable wads on anything and nothing.

Just to illustrate the lunacy of some of them, here’s a quick rundown of ten completely random things that sold for prices infinitely higher than they were actually worth:

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