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About Casino Papa, UK Casino Comparison Site

Casino Papa – a modern day enigma to say the least! Mysterious entity on the online gaming scene with fingers in more pies than you’d believe. Sure, he’s got punch, but who the hell is he? Or perhaps more importantly, does he exist at all?

He does…and his real name is Keith. Sorry if that’s slightly less exciting than you were hoping for!

So how exactly did this unassuming guy from the North East turn into an all-seeing, all-knowing authority on web casinos? Easy really…he got sick and tired of being taken for a ride.


As of right now, Casino Papa is well on its way to becoming one of the web’s leading authorities on the subject of fair, enjoyable and generally rewarding online gaming. Always a relevant service from day one, things are really heating up right now as every single month sees a ton of newcomers joining the scene. And just as some of the smallest of newcomers are making huge strides toward amazing things, some of the biggest names in the business are slipping and sliding.

Rather than just seeing how things look and how pretty a site is, we delve seriously deep into the stuff that really matters. The idea being that we save you the trouble of having to encounter any dodgy dealings first-hand.

Why We’re Awesome

What makes Casino Papa totally different from the vast majority of other casino review sites is the way in which we’re in no way affiliated or linked with any brand, business or gaming service in the world…not a single one of them. This in turn means we’re not afraid to tell the truth about every single element of every casino out there – truth is, we don’t really mind if we rub folk up the wrong way!

This is why you’ll note that across our whole bank of reviews, we never once try and claim that any online casino is 100% perfect. There’s really no such thing – never has been and most likely never will be. Are we nit-pickers? Do we scrutinise things to the finest detail? You bet we do – better that we find out and report back on lapses in service provision, instead of leaving you lot to find out personally!


We’re Listening!

Speaking of you, nothing matters more to us than your own feedback with regard to personal experiences with every casino out there. We pair our own findings with the reviews and comments of real-life casino gamers, in order to ensure that if there’s a general consensus among the masses, we’ll bring it to your attention.

And of course, we’re always delighted to be informed about any new or up and coming casinos that might have caught your eye – we’re always listening so come to Papa with your comments!

From Nevada to Newquay

Keith’s obsession with gaming was born of a trip to Vegas…which ironically he wasn’t that bothered about beforehand. Bachelor party you see – a list of clichés far too long for the sensible modern chap to consider. But he went…and he was blown away by how much fun he had. Upon his return to Cornwall, where he lived at the time, he decided to give online gambling a go. And once again, he loved it.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before he got well and truly jaded by a billion and one casino brands essentially taking him for a mug. “Deposit 99p and we’ll give you £85,000…!!??? “No Deposit Necessary and £200 is Yours, Free of Charge…!!??? Pull the other one fellas, it’s got bells on!

Still, at least Keith had the gumption to not only scrutinise every offer and promo that came his way, but he also actually bothered to read the attached terms. He started keeping notes on what was what, he started sharing his notes online for the benefit of other gamers and before you knew it, there was a queue at his door…virtually speaking…for the latest casino info.

It became very much a case of ‘Come to Papa’ if you want to know what’s really going down…and the rest is history.

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