5 Crazy and Cool Facts about Online Gambling

We’ve all heard stories about the random individual playing an equally random casino game, only to walk away with millions in their pocket. It’s something that happens on occasion, but for sure isn’t something you can count on. What’s more, not every casino game is about pure luck.

In any case, games of chance in one form or another have been around for centuries. For instance, around 3000 BC, dice games were played in Mesopotamia. Gambling houses were common in China about 200 BC and pottery scenes from Ancient Greece and Rome suggest that betting on animal fights happened on a regular basis. Likewise, various card games are known to have been around for more than a millennium.

Things have changed significantly over the years, but it seems human beings always have been and always will be a species of risk-takers.

What You Need to Know About Online Gambling

Whether you’re new to online gambling or something of a veteran, it’s important to be strategic and cautious with your online activities.

First things first, be aware that not all online gambling is legal. You should research the rules and regulations of your country in order not to break any laws. For instance, in the UK, it is fully legal but, it’s more complicated in the US, where only four states have legalised it. Australians, on the other hand, are allowed to use interactive gambling services; however, online gambling operators cannot offer real-money to Australian residents.

If you’re sure you can gamble legally in your country, the next step is to find a top-rated and reputable casino you can count on. Luckily, there are now plenty of online casino reviews that can help you find the best-rated places where you can gamble. Rather than taking chances, you can use the experiences of others to guide your decisions.

Something else to remember is that gambling online is not considered a safe or sensible way of earning money. It’s all about pure enjoyment – even with all the generous casino bonuses and incentives in the world. There’s a chance you could pocket a prize, but you cannot and should not bank on it. If you get into online gambling with the sole intention of making money, you’re setting yourself up for a big disappointment.

A Few Fun Facts About Online Gambling

Now that we’ve taken care of the more serious stuff, let’s focus on some of the more interesting aspects of gambling. Read on and (hopefully) walk away with at least one pearl of wisdom to share with anyone willing to listen:

Men Are More Likely to Gamble

Let’s start with some insights into the demographics of online gambling. 11 percent of all Internet users are thought to be active gamblers, and it is estimated that men account for more than 80 percent of gamblers at the moment. However, despite this domination, more and more women are joining in on the fun. Furthermore, the average gambler is over 30 years old, although young men are most susceptible to becoming problem gamblers due to their impulsivity – in fact, 7.5 times more likely than women.

Slots Are the Most Popular Game

A fun fact about slot machines – they used to dispense chewing gum, which could be traded for money! This is precisely why many of the machines still use fruit symbols, just in case you ever wondered. Several studies have concluded that over 70 percent of online casino operators’ profits come from online slot machines. We previously mentioned that whether you win or lose is completely down to luck, but even though you win massive amounts of money, the casinos earn a lot more than you. Incredibly, the vast majority of revenues generated by casinos worldwide (online and offline) come from penny slots – i.e. those with the lowest stakes of all. What’s more, 90% of regular slot gamers play online, rather than at real-life casinos.

The Biggest Win Ever

Online gambling is a lot of fun, but playing your cards right with a progressive jackpot game can also be very lucrative. As the jackpot increases with every bet that is made, some jackpots can be enormous. Take for example Jonathon Heywood, an ex-soldier from the United Kingdom. In 2015, he bet 25p and won a massive £13.2 million. However, the biggest jackpot win is by a Finnish man in his forties. He placed a 25-cent bet in 2013 and won €17,861,813. There is even a video from his winning spin online.

Not All Winnings Are Paid

Imagine winning a hefty sum of money, and then not getting a penny of it due to a technical glitch. Well, that is exactly what happened to 41-year-old Bruno Venturi. This Italian man bet £18 on the online gambling site Eurobet UK and turned it into £650,000. However, the operators refused to pay him citing a glitch with their software. While Bruno tried his luck in court as well, he lost because of the small print, where the terms and conditions state that, in case of a computer error, no winnings would be paid.

Beware the Devil’s Game

Last but not least, Roulette is often called ‘the Devil’s game because the sum of all the numbers on the wheel adds up to 666 – aka “the number of the beast”. Foreboding as it may sound, Roulette is actually one of few casino games where players stand almost even odds of winning. For example, betting on red or black reduces the odds (almost) to 50/50, though there is a slight edge in favour of the house. That is, unless you decide to play American roulette, which has a “0” and a “00”. American roulette opens the door to some unique and interesting betting opportunities, but also effectively doubles the likelihood of everyone at the table losing everything at the same time.

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