Looking to increase your customer base? Interested in positioning your casino right in front of a carefully targeted audience? You’ve come to the right place – Casino Papa is standing by to help!

About Casino Papa

We went into business with one simple goal – to offer responsible gamers the most honest, accurate and up-to-date casino website listings and reviews. Our core purpose is to help gamers find online casinos that play by the rules, provide outstanding customer service and tick all the right boxes when it comes to gaming quality.

And when we come across a site that doesn’t make the grade, we’re not afraid to tell it like it is.

Our reviews and recommendations are grouped by way of site type and player preferences, in order to make finding the best casinos on the web as easy as possible. In addition, we’re constantly adding to our archive of helpful informational and education resources – all geared toward the promotion of safe, secure and enjoyable online gambling.

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Advertising With Us

Unlike rivals, we aren’t in the habit of taking cash payments to push substandard casinos up the rankings. We base our decisions on our own findings and personal experience alone – top-rated sites make it to the top by merit and nothing else.

If your own casino makes the grade, we’ll make sure it’s given the priceless exposure it deserves.

For a one-time-only cost of £585 – which you’ll pay ONLY if your site is accepted – we will give your casino the full Casino Papa treatment and add it to our rankings. If it isn’t deemed appropriated for inclusion, you won’t pay us a penny. This fee is non-refundable after the review has been written as it’s used to pay our writers.

Setting the wheels in motion is as easy:

  1. Simply fill out the form below completely and accurately. Casino Papa cross-checks the authenticity of information to ensure total accuracy.
  2. We’ll contact you within two business days and let you know our decision. If your casino is up to scratch, chances are you’ll be accepted.
  3. You’ll receive an invoice for full payment, which upon receipt we will add your brand to the Casino Papa ranks.

For more information or to discuss inclusion, get in touch with the Casino Papa team today on [email protected], or drop us an email at +44 (0) 1138 300 941.


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