Is Betting Online a Better Bet than Betting at a Bookie?

Online sports betting has become the norm for more punters across the country than ever before.  Sports betting has been a popular pastime in the UK for generations, though has really come into its own as of late.

Right now, more people are getting into the enjoyment and excitement of sports betting than ever before. Most of whom are dipping their proverbial toe online, rather than heading out to a traditional bookie. 

But what is it about online sports betting that makes it a better bet for so many? Are there any real advantages to betting online, or is it purely a case of personal preferences?

A Worthy Winner

There’s no denying how a trip to a traditional bookmaker can be an enjoyable experience. As can heading to the track and placing bets on-site, before watching the action play out in front of you. 

Even so, there are certain advantages of betting online that go beyond those of traditional sports betting. All of which goes some way to explain why the online option is fast becoming the only option for so many.

For example:

Convenience and Accessibility

People these days – younger generations in particular – are all about instant gratification.  Not only do they know what they want, but they also expect to get their hands on it right away.  Understandable, given how connected technology provides instantaneous access to just about anything imaginable.

Today, sports betting can be as easy as pulling out a mobile device and hitting a few buttons. A far easier and more convenient option than getting dressed, firing up the car and heading to your nearest bookmaker. Even if the said bookmaker is fairly close by, it’s still so much easier to handle the whole thing from home.

Bonuses and Promotions

Signing up with a conventional bookmaker seldom paves the way for any inspiring incentives. It’s far from the norm for traditional bookies to throw bonus credit and other freebies at their customers.

Online, it’s quite the opposite. Competition between online bookies is so ferocious that they’ll often go to extremes to get new customers on board.  Something that often manifests in the form of hugely generous welcome bonuses and promotions. Free bets, cash back offers, refunds on losses – all readily available, simply for signing up.

Access to Other Games

What’s also great about signing up with an online casino is how one account almost always opens the door to a massive library of games. You sign up with a bookmaker, and in doing so gain access to their online casino, their poker room, bingo hall and so on. 

Increasingly, the biggest bookmakers on the web are branching out into full-scale online casino gaming. Anyone who gets a kick out of sports gambling will almost certainly enjoy the virtual casino experience. Again, with a long list of bonus offers and ongoing promotions to check out, enabling you to make the most of your money.

Free Streaming 

Signing up with an online bookmaker even has the potential to save you money.  Some of the better online bookmakers offer live streaming services as standard, accessible to anyone with an account. This means gaining access to the kind of premium live sports content you’d usually pay a fortune for with a subscription service.

Making use of the free streaming services of bookies can be great for avoiding the excessive costs of cable TV. A sneaky yet surprisingly simple way of watching your favourite sports, without having to pay a penny to do so. 

Diverse Betting Markets

Most traditional bookmakers offer access to a wide variety of betting markets at home and abroad. They may specialise in one specific niche, but will also offer access to a selection of sports.

Head online and the list of betting markets you gain access to is no less than remarkable. To call what’s on offer ‘diverse’ would actually be an understatement, as there’s more available than you can possibly imagine. Every sport you’ve heard of and more besides, along with all manner of weird and wonderful betting opportunities on things like politics, TV shows and so on. 

Better Odds and Margins (Sometimes)

This doesn’t apply to all online bookmakers, so you need to shop around to ensure you get a good deal.  However, find yourself a decent online bookie and you could be looking at superior odds and margins to any conventional bookmaker.

This is simply due to the fact that online bookmakers have a much lower operational costs and overheads than their counterparts. It’s significantly cheaper to run an online sportsbook, while at the same time pulling in exponentially more business.  As a result, they can often afford to offer their customers preferential odds and lower margins.  All adding up to bigger profits, if and when you win. 

Helpful Resources and FAQs

Newcomers to sports betting are almost guaranteed to find your online option easier.  Walk into a traditional betting shop and you’re expected to know exactly what to do.  First-timers aren’t exactly given the red carpet treatment, making for a potentially intimidating experience.

Betting online means gaining access to an endless archive of educational resources, helpful tutorials and informative FAQs. Not to mention, quick-start guides from most online bookmakers, providing step-by-step instructions for newcomers. All making for a much more relaxing and enjoyable experience on the whole.

It’s Safer 

Last up, you’d like to think that this particular benefit would no longer be valid by now.  The way things are going, it could have indefinite relevance. Staying safe in these unprecedented times means avoiding close and/or prolonged contact with anyone you can’t be sure is 100% safe. 

Consequently, betting online and avoiding all contact with people you don’t know is a fundamentally safer option.  Something that counts double, if heading out to a traditional bookmaker would also mean braving the unpleasantness of public transport. Until things are safer out on the streets, staying home is the safest option.

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