10 Things Billionaires Can Do That You Totally Can’t!

In most societies, it is generally agreed that there are three distinct class levels – the poor, the middle class and the rich. In reality however, this just isn’t the case at all. The reason being that above and beyond those classified as rich comes an entirely different classification, for which there’s really no accurate term. We are, of course, talking about those who have more money than any normal human being would ever know what to do with – the multi-billionaires of the world and so on.

Nevertheless, where there’s a will to make the most of the vast fortunes of others, there’s a way of making it happen. Which is why those who come up with ideas for the kinds of products and services the super-rich crave tend to be imaginative to say the least.

So with this in mind, what follows is an overview of 10 slightly insane things the world’s super-wealth can do that you yourself totally can’t:

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