10 of the Most Expensive Mistakes in Human History

Every now and again, we all make the kinds of mistakes that amount to wasted money. We buy the wrong thing from the supermarket, drop something expensive and smash it to pieces, buy tickets for the wrong train or through sheer carelessness lose things of value. It’s normal and to a large extent inevitable – lessons sometimes being learned, but not always.

On the plus side, in most of these kinds of instances it’s not what you’d call an Earth-shattering crisis the likes of which cannot be rectified. Even if you end up out of pocket, you’re able to get on with your life and forget about it. For some people however, mistakes and oversights have brought about the kind of consequences that have proved costly on a level that’s almost incomprehensible by normal standards. And in terms of being able to put them right…well, let’s just say the words “barn door” and “horse bolted” spring to mind.

Taking comfort in the misfortune of others might not be kind, but it can certainly make you feel better about your own shortcomings. So with this in mind, what follows is a roundup of what could just be the 10 most expensive mistakes of all time, which may at least soften the blow of the kinds of costly cockups you’ve made yourself over the years:

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