Which Are the Best Sports Betting Sites?

What represents the ‘best’ sports betting site is a subjective topic. As with all things, it depends entirely on your tastes, preferences and priorities.

In any case, fierce competition between today’s biggest and best betting sites is playing right into the pockets of punters. Bookies are throwing increasingly generous offers and incentives at new customers, in order to get them to sign up.

Best of all, there are no limitations on how many online bookmakers you can sign up with. If you want to pocket as many introductory incentives as you possibly can, you’re well within your rights to do so.

These promotions take a great many forms, ranging from simple free bet bonuses to matched deposit bonuses and risk-free bets. It’s completely up to you which of these promotions you take advantage of, but stretching your bankroll with at least a few comes highly recommended.

More Than Monetary Incentives

Still, it’s important to remember that doing business with a decent bookmaker is about more than introductory bonuses alone. Not all sports betting sites operate to the same high quality standards, nor do they deliver the same top-shelf value for money.

Choosing a safe bookmaker can seem like a daunting task, but it really doesn’t need to be. All legit online betting providers need to be registered in the country they wish to operate in, which in the UK means the UK Gambling Commission. If they’re licensed and regulated, they’re probably safe to sign up with.

At which point, it’s a case of focusing on the other aspects of the experience that matter most. Precisely where the web’s best free bet comparison websites can lend a hand, helping you find a bookmaker to suit your preferences.

The Best Sports Betting Comparison Sites

One of the best places to head for these independent recommendations is Freebet.com. This free bets comparison website compares free bet offers from the leading UK bookmakers, and offers a detailed description of each betting provider on offer. 

Freebet.com places particular emphasis on things like sports and betting markets covered, competitiveness of odds and the overall user experience. Of course, they also base their recommendations on the generosity of each respective bookmaker’s introductory incentives at the time.

Another leading free bets comparison site is freebetting.co.uk, which also provides detailed reviews of each leading UK bookmaker and compares the best free bets on the market. 

This is another great place to head to find a top-rated bookmaker and find the best free bet promotions at the time. 

Similarly, bettingsites.uk.com compares all the best UK betting sites, with quick links to their respective sign up pages. 

Over the water on the Emerald Isle, Irish punters can check out the best domestic and international bookmakers at Bettingsites.ie. A useful resource packed with all the best betting sites catering to the Irish market, with detailed bookmaker reviews and independent recommendations.

Five Factors to Focus on 

Independent sportsbook recommendations sites like these can be a great starting point for finding a decent bookmaker. Nevertheless, you still need to conduct your own basic background checks, prior to signing up.

As touched upon back at the beginning, what makes for a fantastic sports betting site is largely subjective. What’s right for some punters doesn’t cut the mustard with others, and vice-versa. 

Hence, it’s worth ensuring you’ve ticked the following five basic boxes, before deciding who to do business with:

1. Coverage of Your Preferred Markets 

First up, just because a bookmaker covers thousands of betting markets doesn’t guarantee your preferred markets are covered. This is really the first thing you need to look into – whether or not they cater to your preferred sports and events. If not, the rest is largely inconsequential, and you can take your business elsewhere.

2. Guarantees of Competitive Odds and Margins

It’s not enough for an online bookmaker to simply stake claim to competitive odds and margins. The best bookmakers in the business are those that back such claims with guarantees. It simply makes sense to ensure that you are getting the best possible value for money with each bet you place. Odds and margins vary significantly from one bookmaker to the next, so it’s worth shopping around to ensure you get a good deal.

3.  Interface and User Experience

There’s really no need for a sports betting site’s user interface to be needlessly complicated. Simplicity almost always holds the key to an enjoyable experience when gambling online. Before signing up, take a good look at how the site has been put together. Is it attractive, simple to navigate and easy to understand? Or have they overcomplicated things for no good reason?

4.  Support for Mobile Betting

It’s entirely up to you to decide whether support for mobile betting is important. But as more players than ever before are gambling exclusively via their mobile devices, it probably is. Even so, there are some online bookmakers who continue to short-change their mobile customers. If you plan on betting primarily or exclusively via a mobile device, you need a provider who prioritises the mobile experience accordingly. 

5.  Deposit and Withdrawal Policies

Last up, it is essential to ensure that the bookmaker’s deposit and withdrawal policies reflect your bankroll and preferred betting style. Minimum deposit requirements vary from as little as £5 to £20 or more with some bookmakers.  Likewise, minimum withdrawal amounts range from £10 to as much as £100 in some instances. You’ll also find limitations placed on maximum daily, weekly and monthly withdrawals – all worth taking into account.

Access to Other Games

Last up, one of the biggest benefits of signing up with a top-brand bookmaker is how doing so provides access to other games. With big names like William Hill and Ladbrokes, for example, your sportsbook account can also be used to play casino games, poker, bingo and so much more.

Again, all with plenty of intriguing incentives and introductory offers to take advantage of, in order to stretch your bankroll that little bit further.

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