How Has Online Gambling Changed Over the Years?

Over the course of human history, gambling has evolved practically beyond recognition. It’s been a popular pursuit for millions of people worldwide for countless centuries, shifting and changing along the way to suit punters’ tastes and preferences.

Nevertheless, the gambling revolution that’s taken place over the past couple of decades has been the fastest and most significant by far. Technology has now advanced to the point where people can gamble from just about anywhere in the world without having to leave their homes. 

If you own a single connected mobile device or computer of any kind, you’ve technically got the world’s biggest 24/7 casino in your own home.

But what is it about online gambling that makes it such a popular pursuit?  With conventional gambling having been around practically since the dawn of mankind, what does ‘virtual’ gambling offer that the real thing cannot?

The Rise and Rise of Online Gambling

As much as anything else, it’s the convenience of the whole thing that makes online gambling such a big deal. The easier you make it for people to do something, the more likely they are to do it – point proven convincingly by the online gambling sector.

Tapping into the most epic casino games ever devised is now as simple as logging on from a home computer. Or easier still, taking out your smartphone and opening your web browser. Even the most rudimentary online casino will typically have a larger and more diverse library of games available than any conventional casino. Depending on where you head, you could be looking at (literally) thousands of games to choose from.

Online slots, classic casino table games, poker with real-life players from all over the world – endless variety to take advantage of. Just as long as you choose a safe casino that’s licensed and regulated, you’re more or less guaranteed an enjoyable experience. Playright has compiled a list of online casino sites to check out as a newcomer, if looking to get your online experience off the best possible start.

How Has Gambling Changed Over the Years?

Gambling is a popular pastime, and it has been for centuries. Even though there have been a lot of technological advancements, people predominantly like the simplicity that online gambling has to offer. 

In terms of its most basic principles, gambling really has not changed a great deal over the years at all. The fundamentals are the same as they have ever been – you place your bets on something with an uncertain outcome, you let fate decide what happens and you find out whether you win or lose. It’s an extremely simple concept that plays right into the most basic human psychology, wherein hormones are released on the basis of exciting, risky and generally enjoyable experiences.

This is why even if we lose, we still want to play more – the brain floods the body with hormones, and we’re compelled to have another shot at winning a prize. 

Gamification has also made its mark on the online casino scene, which refers to the process of taking something that isn’t technically a game and making it into one. Or at least, introducing game-like mechanics into the activity to make it more enjoyable.

One of the biggest differences online gaming has brought to the market is the way in which in the virtual space, nothing is impossible.  You can envisage and create games that would be 100% impossible to deliver in a real-world setting.  And of course, the fact that you can deliver them directly into the homes of hundreds of millions of gamblers worldwide is another huge point of appeal.

The more creative the world’s leading software developers get, the richer the virtual casino space becomes and the more people find themselves checking out what’s on offer online.

All-Round Accessibility

One of the main premises behind online casino gaming (and its popularity) is the pure accessibility of what’s on offer. If you had hundreds of cutting-edge casino gamers lying around at home, you’d probably play them on occasion.  Even if it was just to kill a few minutes here and there, you’d almost certainly check them out and make use of them.

This is essentially what online casino gaming has turned every internet-enabled device into – the world’s biggest and best casino. When the mood takes you, you can log on in a matter of seconds, enjoy a few spins and log off. If looking to kill a few hours, you can take a (virtual) seat at a classic casino table game and get well and truly immersed in the action. 

Online casinos operate on a 24/7 basis across all time zones and are packed with punters around the clock. Even if taking a trip to a local casino isn’t the most arduous of tasks, playing online is still infinitely easier. 

Constant Innovation and Improvement

Along with all of the above, the fact that the online casino space is constantly expanding and improving makes it undeniably compelling. Things have come a long way from the days of Flash towards an era where truly mind-blowing gaming technology is the norm.

Today, the biggest trend making its mark on the scene is Live Casino gaming. This is where talented human hosts replace the usual machines and software, creating an experience that’s just about as close to the real thing as it gets.

Next in line is the kind of VR technology that will transform the way the masses approach online gaming like never before. There’s already a compact library of 360-degree immersive VR casino games on the market, available exclusively for early adopters of the technology.

Nevertheless, give things a few more years and donning a VR headset will likely become second nature. Just as reaching for your smarpthone and enjoying a few spins on the latest slots is today. 

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