Top 5 Mobile Casino Payment Options In 2021

When it comes to mobile casino gaming in 2021, players have more choice than ever before. Even with governments cracking down on casinos that don’t play by the rules, the sector is growing at its fastest ever pace on a global basis.

Competition is ferocious, meaning only those able to offer the best possible gaming experience have any real shot at surviving. In turn, gamblers are becoming more discerning and demanding by the day, accepting nothing less than the best online slots, the most epic casinos and the most generous incentives the web has to offer.

As a result of the above, the payment options provided at mobile casinos are now as wide and varied as the sites themselves. Players can choose from online payment providers, traditional banking methods or even the latest ‘pay by phone’ casino payment methods.

In this article, we will be taking a look at the top 5 mobile casino payment options in 2021. From the use of classic methods to newer options on the table, we will assess the full range of popular casino payment methods for players using mobile devices in 2021.

And in doing so, we’ll also highlight which are the safest and most cost-effective of all. 


A widely loved option for online casino site payment, PayPal is a popular option for those of us paying for pretty much anything online.

With an absolutely enormous global audience, PayPal can now lay claim to providing genuine competition to classic payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard and others. Convenient, easy to use and safe, PayPal is a quality option used by casino lovers across the board. Among the new breed of e-wallets, PayPal is without a doubt the most popular and successful of the lot.

‘Pay by Mobile’ Payments 

Nowadays, gamers don’t even have to pay for their casino play on the spot. With pay by mobile payment options, it is possible to tag the amount you deposit onto your next mobile phone bill payment.

This new payment option is proving very popular and brings up the possibility of a play now, pay later style of mobile casino gaming. Sites such as PayByPhoneBillCasino provide a great list of options for those looking to find a casino offering the pay by mobile payment option.


This is a hugely popular option which, although challenged by modern payment methods, is nonetheless favoured by millions. 

To pay for casino gaming on your mobile using the Visa method, players simply add their card details at the point of payment after which their chosen deposit amount is extracted from their selected account. 

As an added bonus, all Visa payments are also automatically covered by a certain level of security as something of an insurance policy. This basically means that if something goes awry along the way, you won’t lose out having fallen victim to card hijacking or identity theft.

Safe, secure and often very quick, Visa offers a great way to pay for mobile gaming.


One of the most popular and fastest growing e-payment options, Neteller is headquartered in the Isle of Man and focuses specifically on providing the UK gambling market with a safe, speedy and efficient way to pay for their mobile casino gaming.

Part of the Paysafe Group, Neteller is a company that is part of the same umbrella as Skrill, another beloved payment services provider for the casino industry.


A very effective way to pay for casino gaming, MasterCard is a traditional banking method that is fast, secure and safe when it comes to mobile casino payment.

A huge company with many years of experience in payment providing online, MasterCard users can select a debit card of their choice to deposit at online casino sites.

The benefits of MasterCard are more or less the same as those of Visa – safe, fast and affordable transactions, with the reassurance of knowing you’re covered if anything goes wrong.

Reading Beyond Payment Methods

Ensuring you choose a casino that accepts your preferred method of payment is important. Nevertheless, so too is carefully scrutinising the deposit and withdrawal policies at the casino in question.

It is crucial to remember that just because a casino accepts a wide variety of payment types, this does not necessarily mean that is has the most amicable payment policies. A few things to be on the lookout for when consulting the terms and conditions of an online casino include the following:

  1. Minimum deposits – what is the minimum amount you can deposit into your account in a single transaction?
  2. Minimum withdrawals – do you need to request a minimum of say £100 to be able to qualify for a withdrawal?
  3. Maximum withdrawals – most casinos also impose limitations on how much can be withdrawn each calendar month.
  4. Fees and commissions – are any fees or commissions payable on transactions in either direction?
  5. Processing times – withdrawal processing times vary significantly from one casino and payment type to the next – anything from a couple of hours to several days.

All of the information you need should be published clearly in the casino’s terms and conditions. If not, feel free to direct your questions at the operator’s customer support team and seek clarification, prior to signing up.

A Word on Staying Safe…

Last but not least, it is ultimately up to you to keep an eye on your accounts and to ensure you stay safe when gambling online. Oftentimes, issues are not detected until a relatively late stage, by which time it is much more difficult to do anything about them.

Monitor your accounts and statements closely, ensuring anything out of the ordinary or suspicious is acted upon immediately. Change your passwords on a regular basis, never give your login credentials to anyone else and be wary of any requests from casinos to confirm your payment information.

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