Eight Occasions When You Must Tip Your Dealer Generously

To some, this title will appear fatally flawed in its own right. That’s because in the eyes of many casino veterans, there’s no occasion when you should not tip the dealer. 

With a slight exception of dealers who are simply out to ruin everyone’s day, they’d argue that tipping the dealer fairly and consistently is something you should be doing.

Still, it’s not a sentiment all casino attendees would agree with. From blackjack to roulette to baccarat to craps, there are those who genuinely believe it’s only right to tip the dealer in certain instances. If you’ve just lost your entire bankroll on a bet that should have been a guaranteed winner, you’re unlikely to be inclined to hand further cash over to your dealer.

It’s a debate that’s been raging for generations and is likely to continue indefinitely. As when and where you should tip a dealer is a matter of personal opinion, it’s entirely up to you.

Nevertheless, there are several common instances where it is absolutely essential to ensure your dealer is tipped generously. Even if you’re not the most generous of tippers (be honest!), these are the times when any self-respecting gambler will hand their dealer a decent tip:

1 – If They Taught You Something

Right off the bat, you should always fairly tip a dealer that teaches you something important about the game you are playing. If you’re a first timer and they guide you through the basics, tip them for helping you. If you’re pretty experienced but they still manage to enlighten you to something important., thank them the right way. Dealers don’t technically have to be forthcoming with key insights into the games they host. Those that go beyond the basics should therefore be rewarded accordingly.

2 – When the Dealer Entertains You 

Some dealers stand there in steely silence and do nothing other than keep the game moving. Which is, to be fair, exactly what a lot of players want.  However, other dealers are the life and soul of the whole experience, creating an entertaining ambience and socialising with those at the table throughout. If you take a seat at such a table, you’ll be expected to tip the dealer accordingly for their efforts and for keeping you entertained. If you prefer a quiet and reserved experience, take a seat at a different able.

3 – When You’ve Won

This should be relatively obvious, but it’s astonishing how many people pocket huge prizes at casino tables and fail to hand the dealer a penny. In addition, the amount you tip should be proportional to the size of your win and your bankroll in general. For example, handing the dealer a £5 chip after winning £100 is perfectly generous. If you won £1,000 or £10,000, the same £5 would out you as the quintessential skinflint. Be as generous as you can afford to be, without going completely OTT. 

4 – When There Are Casino Staff Around 

Make no mistake about it – the floor staff at the casino are watching your every move. If there’s a member of floor staff in the vicinity at the time, tipping generously could work in your favour. These guys are always on the lookout for the kinds of generous punters they want to keep on side for the benefit of the casino and its workers. The more you tip, the more likely you are to be handed free drinks, free vouchers to be used in the restaurant and additional incentives to keep you spending so generously. It doesn’t always work like this, but it is nonetheless worth a try!

5 – If the Dealer Saves You from a Big Mistake

“Really, are you sure you want to do that?” “Maybe you would like to reconsider?” “You definitely want to go ahead with that move?” In the rare event that an exceptionally kind dealer utters anything like this, it indicates you’ve made a move that’s almost guaranteed to result in disaster. A move which, in many instances, may have been made entirely by mistake. If your dealer goes beyond what’s expected of them to save you from making a big mistake, there is no excuse for not handing them a generous tip to thank them.

6 – When Other Dealers or Hosts Are Watching 

Why does it help to let other dealers see how generous you are with your tips? It’s simple – they’ll take good care of you if it’s clear you’ll take good care of them. In terms of offering advice, providing helpful insights and (as above) preventing you from making the occasional mistake, it’s far more likely to happen with a dealer who wants to please you. If you’re the type that never tips (or tips a pittance), they’ll gladly sit back and watch you waste your money.

7 – When Looking to Make Friends and Influence People

Just to clarify – we’re not talking about tipping more than you can afford to in a vulgar attempt to show off. Instead, we mean taking inspiration from the other people at the table at the time – particularly when the whole thing turns into a particularly social situation. If everyone is tipping an average of 5% or 10%, do likewise. Don’t out yourself as the one person at the table who isn’t willing to tip the dealer for doing a good job. 

8 – After a Long and Unsuccessful Session 

Last up, if you sit at a blackjack table, bet your entire bankroll and lose it in 30 seconds, you’ll get away without tipping the dealer. By contrast, sit at a table for an extensive session that ultimately proves unsuccessful and tipping is just as important as if you had turned a profit. The dealer has done their job, remained cordial throughout and maybe even taught you a thing or two along the way.  It’s not their fault you ultimately exited in the red, so tip them as you would if you’d at least broken even.

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