Online Roulette: 7 Things You Need to Know

In both real-life casino halls and online, roulette is the iconic casino classic. Even if casino gaming isn’t necessarily your thrill, you can’t help but be captivated by the sight of a spinning roulette wheel. Suffice to say, take a spin just once and there’s really no going back!

One of the most common points of contention among casino gamers is which variant is better. While some swear by traditional roulette on a crowded casino floor, others will tell you online roulette is the way to go. It’s very rare to find anyone perched firmly on the fence. Most avid gamers tend to have somewhat strong opinions.

So to clarify a few important points, we thought we’d share a few essential online roulette insights. A handful of things you need to know, if planning to dive in online:

1. It’s not that different from regular roulette

First and foremost, online roulette really is largely identical to the real thing. In a traditional game of roulette, the laws of physics are used to ensure that the result is 100% random, 100% of the time. With an online casino, it’s simply a case of replacing physics with complex computer algorithms. By replicating the randomness of a physical roulette wheel, these algorithms ensure that the outcome is likewise 100% random, 100% of the time. Contrary to popular belief therefore, the odds are exactly the same, whichever way you go. Just as long as the online casino is reputable and responsible, you’re just as likely to win (or lose) online as you are in a real-life casino.

2. All roulette is not created equally

While the basic fundamentals of roulette are somewhat fixed, there are three common types of roulette you’ll have access to online. Those being French roulette, American roulette and European roulette. Long story short – French roulette has the best odds, so is the better option to go for. At the opposite end of the scale, American roulette has an additional ‘zero’ on the wheel. Therefore, it presents the worst odds of the three.  European roulette sits right in the middle, which is the most common form of roulette you’ll encounter. You may not always have the luxury of choice when playing online. But if you do, try to stick with European or French roulette to improve your chances of winning.

3. Forget about “wheel clocking”

In days gone by, physical roulette wheels were not particularly sophisticated.  Many were engineered to a rather low quality standard. Over time, this could result in flaws and operational discrepancies creeping into the equation. All of which worked in favour of the player – noting a certain amount of ‘bias’ for certain outcomes. Hedge your bets appropriately in such situations and you could tip the odds in your favour. Unfortunately, online roulette eliminates everything mechanical from the equation. Hence, there’s absolutely no way of identifying any kind of bias. That’s because there’s no such thing as online roulette bias or wheel clocking. Even in a real-life setting, roulette wheels are now manufactured so meticulously that wheel clocking just doesn’t exist anymore.

4. You can also forget that ‘winning’ strategy

According to leading gambling experts, the quickest way to lose every penny is to believe you’ve got a winning system. All over the world, millions of gamblers mistakenly think there’s a secret formula for beating the house. That just as long as they follow a very specific formula, they’ll eventually come out with some kind of profit. In reality, this simply guarantees heavy and on-going losses. With a roulette wheel – online or offline – each and every spin is 100% independent and random. There isn’t a single outcome that can influence any other outcome in any way, shape or form. Your probability of winning or losing is reset before and after every spin. No patterns, no bias and no formulas for success. If there was any realistic way of consistently beating the house, how would casinos worldwide stay in business?

5. Live online roulette is even better

If you enjoy online roulette in general, you really need to give live-dealer online gaming a try. This is a dynamic new form of online casino gaming. One that combines the benefits and enjoyment of the online and offline game. In this instance, you’ll be playing with a traditional mechanical roulette wheel (in most instances). You’ll also be under the watch of a talented and experienced host. Often with the added bonus of being able to chat with other gamers at the table from all over the world. Just don’t fall into the trap of thinking wheel bias applies when there’s a mechanical roulette wheel on your screen…it doesn’t!

6. You can win big with two spins

While the odds are rather on the low side, it’s nonetheless possible to pocket a fortune after just two spins. Place £10 on one specific number and if you win, you’ll be looking at a prize to the tune of £350. Place this £350 on another winning number and you’ll be walking away with a whopping £12,600.  Realistically, the odds of this happening are somewhere in the region of about 1 in 1,500. Nevertheless, research suggests that it does indeed happen once every 28 hours or so. We personally wouldn’t advise hedging your bets on such an outcome, but still…food for thought!

7. Focus on the casino

Last but not least, it’s far more important to focus on the online casino itself, rather than the roulette on offer. If you sign up with a reliable and reputable online casino, you’re in safe hands. The outcome will be random, the odds will be fixed and you’ll have a great time. By contrast, fall victim to a low-grade casino and you could be taken for a ride. Use online reviews and expert recommendations to find a casino you can trust. Also, give things a try with ‘play money’ before using your own cash. If anything seems even remotely suspicious or uninspiring, take your business elsewhere.

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