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888 Poker
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  • Streamlined site design for outstanding user-experience
  • No need to deposit any money whatsoever to start playing
  • A brilliant array of regularly updated resources and articles
  • Fantastic mobile app for Smartphones and tablet PCs

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    888 Poker

    Throughout its history, you could say that 888 Poker came, saw, conquered, fell and ultimately returned to conquer even harder. The site experienced incredible success when online poker rooms were just coming into their own, but would go on to be hit hard by the UIGEA of 2006. Still, this didn’t have much of an impact on the way they do business here in the United Kingdom, so technically speaking we should be looking at the outright ruler on the poker scene. Come to Papa to find out if this really is the case!


    As an arm of the ridiculously successful 888 group, you’d be forgiven for expecting very big things indeed from 888 Poker. Luckily, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be disappointed by what’s on offer as in every respect, you could say that 888 Poker wrote and rewrote the book an outstanding online poker. During standard hours, it’s almost unheard of to head over to 888 Poker without finding thousands of players from all over Europe both playing for fun and for real money. So no matter what it is you’re out for, it’s largely guaranteed you will find it at 888 Poker…and plenty of it, too.

    Site Summary

    Having recently undergone an extensive overhaul, the new incarnation of the 888 Poker is nothing short of gorgeous. They’ve well and truly managed to strike that elusive balance whereby incredible visuals and clean, crisp site layout complement each other beautifully. It looks the part, it isn’t cluttered by a thousand and one links and the navigation system is quite simply and as good as it gets. As such, first impressions and indeed all following impressions upon browsing what’s on offer are extremely reassuring.


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      601-701 Europort,Gibraltar, Spain.

    In terms of software, 888 Poker spoke ofno less than 100 enhancements and upgrades to the site when it reappeared in its new generation guise. The graphics were taken back to the drawing board and improved, the social space at 888 Poker is absolutely fantastic for those looking to network and the introduction of the new Beginner’s Lobby really was and is a welcome addition. There’s really not a great deal to say when it comes to general site performance, other than the fact that everything operates with flawless smoothness and lag is something that really doesn’t exist at all.

    As for the kinds of players 888 Poker attracts, you may have heard that this particular site has a reputation for attracting fish. Well, we can tell you in no uncertain terms that this is true – as it is with any online gaming brand that also offers a casino site, bingo site, sports betting and so on. As would be expected, thousands of people flock from these alternative assets to give things a try on 888 Poker – many of whom make easy pickings for the professionals. This is of course something of a moral debate and onewe shall not get into at this particular time!

    Bonus offers are decent enough, but after scouring the website for quite some time we can honestly say that these guys appear to have gone to extreme lengths to make it as difficult as possible to find and understand bonus terms and conditions. Worse still, poker games only count for 20% of the wagering requirements, which means whatever kind of wagering restrictions are imposed on your bonuses are increased a further five times if you choose to play poker. That being said, the fact that there is free cash on offer to get started and have a play in the first place isn’t a bad thing. Just don’t expect to withdraw any of it or access any of your winnings, without first spending some cash of your own.

    Getting hold of the support team at 888 Poker is by contrast a walk in the park and they do a fantastic job by all accounts. Security is also taken extremely seriously with 888 Poker and any complaints/grievances with regard to account security are pretty much nonexistent. They are also extremely outspoken with regard to their company ethos on cheating, which is comforting to say the least.

    Best Features

    Almost everything 888 Poker does, it does on a higher level than the average poker room. The overall site design and layout represent perhaps the single most standout features of all, along with an extraordinary array of features and fantastic resources for poker players at all levels.


    If you had immediately come to the assumption that 888 Poker from a brand as big as this would be about as good as it gets, you’re 100% on the money. Chances are it’s going to be sometime before we see anything close to an online casino or poker site that’s absolutely flawless in every way. In the meantime however, 888 Poker is probably as close as we’re going to get. That is of course, if you can overlook the annoying bonus discrepancies, which are pretty standard everywhere.


    • Bonus terms and conditions are extremely difficult to find and understand.
    • The free money offer isn’t technically free.


    • An absolutely beautifully-polished platform
    • Simple and streamlined user experience
    • High regard for security and customer safety
    • Excellent customer service team
    • Great provisions for beginners
    • The option of playing without having to deposit any money
    • An incredible archive of resources and articles

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