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William Hill
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  • Perhaps the best poker room on the web right now.
  • Excellent mobile gaming experience in general.
  • Brilliantly presented and polished gaming website.
  • Fantastic live dealer gaming.

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    William Hill Official Site Review | Mobile Casino Online

    We all know that when it comes to evaluating an online casino, it’s never a good idea to read too much into brand names alone. But when you’re presented with a name like William Hill Casino, it’s almost impossible not to do exactly that. After all, there really aren’t many household names out there that are nearly as well-known as these guys, so surely they must be doing something right? You’d like to think so – check out the full Casino Papa rundown below and see what’s what.

    So right off the bat, the fact that William Hill has a staff force of 15,000 and a history dating back to 1934 cannot help but inspire confidence. Starting out with sports and progressing from there, the William Hill Casino we know today opened its doors in 2009 in three guises – the Bonus Casino, the Vegas Casino, and the Live Casino. On the technical side of things, they really don’t seem to have put a foot wrong since day one. And it’s also hard to find any real fault with the website itself as a whole. Nevertheless, William Hill Casino seems to have generated a rather worrying array of negative reviews as of late, so what’s the story from a purely objective perspective?


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    Site Summary
    Dealing with the guts of the site first, the immediate impression upon entering the William Hill Casino is one of polished presentation, professionalism and attention to detail. Visually, the whole thing is stunning – gorgeous visuals, brilliantly colourful and rich in content without ever becoming chaotic. Navigation is also a pleasure, page loading times are pretty much immediate and the whole experience is nicely managed in general.

    Moving on to the games, William Hill Casino doesn’t come close to rivaling many of its primary rival brands with a catalogue of around 200 or so. That being said, quantity really isn’t the only thing that matters as in the instance of William Hill Casino, all essentials and favourites are here along with a bunch of exclusives and new twists on old classics. Live dealer games can be found over in the Live Casino…no surprises there…and are for the most part polished and beautifully operated.

    One definite highlight of the William Hill Casino experience is the brand’s poker room, which pound for pound is pure Heaven for poker fans. Well, technically, it’s a separate site dedicated to poker, but it’s more than worth checking out nonetheless.

    As for bonuses, 100% Buy in Bonus plus 50 Free Spins.

    There’s really nothing to say one way or the other with regard to deposits and withdrawals, as along with every essential payment type being accepted, estimates of processing times are pretty much the same as they are everywhere else – one to seven days. The loyalty program is pretty standard – as in only of a great deal of use to those playing somewhat continually or wagering huge amounts – though a variety of on-going promos and special deals keeps things interesting.

    Oh, and it’s also worth pointing out that the William Hill Casino mobile experience is pretty perfect on the whole. Optimised for the smallest of devices, brilliantly functional and a joy to play with on the whole.

    Add all of the above together therefore and you have yourself what appears to be a genuine front-runner. Unfortunately, there’s a rather gloomier side to things which in the interests of being responsible and honest really cannot be ignored. Suffice to say, as far as reputation among gamers goes, William Hill Casino has apparently been putting quite a few feet wrong as of late.

    Opinions will always vary and this most certainly doesn’t come from personal experience – Casino Papa having had a purely pleasant ride over at William Hill Casino. Nevertheless, a big wave of criticism has flown the way of William Hill Casino as of late from a variety of countries. In all cases however, the primary point of concern seems to be that of games crashing out, funds being lost or withheld, rather OTT security requirements (photo submission for example) and a general habit of keeping members away from money they claim to be rightly theirs.

    Of course, plenty of gamers paint the exact opposite picture, but when and where you come across dozens of negative reports all pointing to the same problems, you simply have to take note. And these are all from standard members and gamers, as opposed to official review sites/affiliated sources.

    Whether or not this specifically means William Hill Casino is to be avoided is therefore up for debate – Casino Papa having met with no such problems whatsoever. In the interests of staying safe however, it might be worth delving into the most recent archives of genuine gamer reviews prior to making any big wagers or deposits, just in case.

    Best Features
    Singling out the best features of William Hill Casino is pretty easy – they offer one of the best poker experiences currently available and the mobile gaming experience is simply superb. Along with this, the site as a whole is beautifully presented and a downright joy to navigate.

    Reaching an overall conclusion with regard to William Hill Casino is tricky as there are just so many conflicting opinions. From personal experience, the site itself delivers in all respects, the gaming collection is every bit as good as it needs to be and all essential boxes are ticked – including mobile gaming.

    On the flipside of things however, it’s genuinely hard to ignore the voices of so many disgruntled gamers who in the vast majority of instances seem to be flagging the same points of concern.

    It’s always going to come down to personal preference – take a look at what’s being said and decide for yourself.


    • A rather worrying trend of complaints from all over the world regarding poor customer service and barred access to funds.
    • Not the largest selection of games on the web casino market right now.


    • Decent cataloger of leading games and casino gaming experiences.
    • One of the very best poker rooms on the web.
    • Excellent live dealer gaming.
    • A beautifully polished and presented website in general with smooth and easy navigation.
    • Not the worst welcome bonus terms you’ll find.
    • A great mobile experience for gaming on the go.

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