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NetBet Poker
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  • Absolutely gorgeous overall site design
  • Flawless performance even during the busiest times
  • An almost endless catalogue of tournaments and regular competitions
  • One of the market’s best customer service teams

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    Netbet Poker Review & Welcome Bonus

    2016 represents a pretty special year for the folks over at NetBet who will be celebrating their 10th glorious year in business. That’s right, they’ve only been up and running for the best part of a decade, though have nonetheless managed to become one of the most iconic household names in a wide variety of online gaming arenas. Nevertheless, all the pedigree in the world and even plenty of experience in online gambling services doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get it right when it comes to poker. Which begs the question – what does this NetBet Poker review reveal that puts them over and above the competition? Casino Papa knows – read on for more!

    The fact that NetBet Poker is one of the biggest, most successful and indeed most popular poker services currently up and running should begin to paint a picture as to what can be expected. They have an absolutely enormous following concentrated most heavily across the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Germany, though are constantly branching out into new territories. Suffice to say therefore, finding tables with plenty of action taking place isn’t exactly difficult, but there’s always going to be a lot more to quality poker than player numbers alone. So what else does NetBet Poker serve up?

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    Site Summary
    While it has to be said that appearances are not the be all and end all of the things, there’s no denying that NetBet Poker is one of the prettiest poker sites currently up and running. Despite the fact that there is incredible depth, diversity and richness to what’s on offer, the menus and navigation systems are an absolute joy to use. The classic blue and black colour theme works wonders and will be a wonderfully comforting familiar touch for those already familiar with the way NetBet does business. So when it comes to working with the site itself, it is top marks in every respect.

    If you’re familiar with the iPoker software platform, this will tell you a great deal about how NetBet Poker performs. Suffice to say that even when scouring the web for the thoughts and comments of disgruntled parties, performance is a problem that just doesn’t seem to exist. Everything about the site functions flawlessly, and it also isn’t the kind of place that will penalise you too much if you don’t happen to have the fastest Internet connection the world…which is lovely!

    Onto that all-important subject of welcome bonuses, well, let’s just say everything is present and correct as you expect it to be. They claim to be offering a welcome gift up to the maximum stated limit of £1,200, but if you’re daft enough to see this as ‘real’ money to play with, more fool you. Instead, it’s the usual case of having to earn a huge number of loyalty points before being able to gain access to any of this bonus cash, which of course must be done within the usual 45-day limit. So unless you plan to play poker somewhat habitually with a great deal of your own money, it’s usually better to ignore these bonuses and focus on what else is on offer.

    Regarding regular tournaments and competitions, NetBet Poker guarantees a rather astonishing monthly total more than £5 million in prizes and payouts. There are some genuinely incredible competitions to take part in and a considerable number of daily freerolls, which are entirely free to enter and offer the chance to take home some great cash prizes. There’s a decent recommend a friend bonus scheme and plenty of another occasional credit top up offers – all of which attach the same terms and conditions as the welcome bonus.

    As already touched upon, it seems to be always busy at all times regardless of when you decide to stop by. There’s a pretty extensive poker gaming catalogue available, covering No Limit Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Limit Hold’em, Omaha Hi-Lo, 7 Card Stud and 5 Card Stud. Customer service is a credit to the brand’s reputation, and available 24 hours a day, it isn’t necessary to download any software before getting started and if it weren’t for the fact that they still haven’t produced a mobile app, it would almost be impossible to find any real fault with NetBet Poker at all!

    Best Features
    Vague as it may sound, the single best feature about NetBet Poker is the overall way in which the website has been designed and presented. It just doesn’t have the usual cluttered and chaotic look and feels that so many poker lobbies have – the gaming experience is also an absolute winner.

    If you can look past the bonus offers (which to be honest you should be doing routinely anyway), what you’ll find at NetBet Poker is an extraordinarily well polished and presented gaming experience. Every box is ticked in spades – from gamer numbers to competitions to exclusive offers to overall site presentation to performance and more. Just as soon as they decide to add a mobile app to the package, it will be borderline perfect.


    • A dedicated mobile application would be nice
    • Bonus terms and conditions are a little steep


    • One of the most attractive and user friendly overall site layouts available
    • Extremely busy at all times with plenty of action taking place
    • Incredible array of competitions and tournaments
    • Supremely capable software and near-faultless performance
    • A genuinely outstanding customer service team, available 24/7

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