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21 Casino
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  • Massive library of slots and table games
  • Unlimited welcome bonus
  • Great site design and performance in general

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    21 Casino Review & Welcome Bonus

    With so many new online casinos opening their doors by the day, pedigree counts for a lot these days. There are two reasons for this – experience breeds expertise and surviving with such huge competition takes something special. In the case of 21 Casino, the fact that these guys have been around since 2000 speaks volumes. Over their 16 years in business, so many brands of all shapes and sizes have tried, failed and disappeared into the ether. Which begs the question – what exactly is it about the 21 Casino package that’s made it such a success story? Read on for the inside scoop from Casino Papa!


    Casino Papa quite literally always guns for the underdog – even though it often results in disappointment. We love giving the little guys a shot and choose never to make assumptions on the back of brand size. Just as some of the big dogs are frankly rubbish, some of the smaller sites we come across are well deserving of more acclaim than they get. So…what’s the story with 21 Casino? We’re pleased to say, it’s a tale of the latter!


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    Site Summary
    While going about our usual prodding and poking, we really responded well to the overall layout and design of 21 Casino. They’ve managed to hit that rather hard nail on the head whereby professionalism and polished presentation are combined with brilliant simplicity. The navigation system is generally unlike any we’ve come across before and we happen to love the way it operates. Checking out the full list of games on offer or applying filters to sort them is a doddle. Which is a good thing given the fact that the archive of games available at 21 Casino is massive to say the least.

    The list of slots is enormous…that’s really all we need to say. When we carried out our checks, every new release was present and correct, along with a bunch of old and new favourites and a few rarities too. Over on the table games side of things, the variety is equally impressive – borderline mind-blowing, even. 18 different roulette tables to choose from, 24 blackjack tables and a special section for high rollers – all of which adds up to the kind of casino you don’t see too many of these days. Whatever it is you’re on the market for, you’ll find it here…and a TON of it, at that.

    And that’s not including the live dealer casino action either, with a full 10 tables available covering everything from keno to baccarat to blackjack. What’s totally obvious about 21 Casino is that they’ve paid a token glance to nothing. If they do something, they do it in huge numbers and with serious quality to boot – quite simply one of the most impressive gaming archives we’ve come across.

    On the customer service side of things, 21 Casino doesn’t currently offer a contact telephone number but instead has a live chat facility that’s open seven days a week, unlike most. When put to the test, we found the service team to be knowledgeable and friendly in equal measures, even when presented with the usual Casino Papa barrage of weird and wonderful questions! Withdrawals were way speedier than we expected, with the T&C’s advising 48-hour processing times but we never ended up having to wait so long. Top it all off with a killer mobile casino for Android and iOS and…well, let’s just say there’s a lot to like about 21 Casino!

    Best Features
    As we’ve already mentioned on more than one occasion, it is absolutely impossible that anyone could head over to play 21 Casino games online and not find a whole bunch of games right up their street. It caters to all tastes in a big way and offers way more table gaming variety than most sites with a clear slot focus.

    If it’s gimmicks and glitzy graphics you’re after, head elsewhere. By contrast, if you’re more about outstanding quality and variety of gaming, great special offers, seamless performance, fast payments and solid customer care, you will find all boxes ticked in spades at 21 Casino.


    • No contact telephone number at present
    • Live chat goes offline at midnight


    • One of the most impressive gaming catalogues currently available
    • Unlimited welcome bonus offer
    • A fantastic customer support team
    • Great jackpot games and exclusives
    • A strong focus on regulars and VIPs
    • Excellent overall site layout and navigation system
    • Speedy and secure withdrawals

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