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Betfair Sports
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  • It is worth signing up simply to check out Betfair Exchange alone
  • Betfair offers one of the best mobile experiences of all
  • The welcome bonus is great
  • The customer service team is a credit to the brand

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    Betfair Sports Review & Free Bets

    If you can look beyond what will no doubt go down in history as one of the most sensational fails in the history of online gambling, Betfair Sports has had a pretty long and illustrious history. The events of 2010 will undoubtedly leave a very sour taste in the mouths of many pretty much forever, but at the same time there’s no denying the extraordinary efforts these guys have made, in order to rebuild their name. So given the fact that a good bit of time has passed since the darkest days of Betfair, how does Betfair Sports stack up today? Casino Papa has the answer in this Betfair Sports review – read on for more!

    Originally launched in the early summer of 2000, it really didn’t take long for Betfair to earn both an outstanding reputation and a huge customer base. As of now, these guys are turning over a quite staggering £50 million per week and have far in excess of 1 million active users spanning a variety of countries. When you add these two figures together, what you are left with is nothing less than the biggest betting exchange in the world. But as we all know, bigger isn’t always better…so what’s the story with this particular online sportsbook?


    Contact Information

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      Betfair Limited, Triq il-Kappillan Mifsud,
      St. Venera, SVR 1851, Malta

    Site Summary
    Well, there’s really no denying that after the most recent overhaul, the Betfair Sports website is a considerably more user-friendly service to deal with. Those who aren’t particularly fond of the colour orange may have preferred things the way they were before, but in terms of how the site actually operates and is presented, there really is no comparison.

    Going against the overall layout and design of many rival sites, Betfair Sports online makes it clear from the word go that it would really like you to make use of its welcome bonuses and promotions, not to mention the brand’s other online gaming assets. In fact, quite a lot of premium page-one real estate is eaten up by promotional bits and pieces.  But on the plus side, the whole thing comes across as extremely user-friendly, well organised and without the usual clutter.

    In terms of the markets and events on offer, punters looking to do business with Betfair Sports betting have the option of wagering before the events, during the events with live betting or using the innovative sports exchange platform. Markets cover pretty much every popular sporting league, competition and tournament in the United Kingdom, along with a huge array of international leagues and tournaments including the NHL, NBA, NFL and every major tennis and cricket event. They also offer betting on entertainment events and political elections, which are always enjoyable.

    Betfair Exchange is something that is definitely worth checking out, if you haven’t already. Something rather different than you may expect from a conventional online bookmaker, the best way of looking at Betfair Sports Exchange is a little like you might if you are planning on placing a bet with a friend on a sporting event. Rather than simply going with the odds provided by Betfair Sports, you believe Manchester United will win, your friend clearly thinks that Arsenal will win and you come up with your own bet with your own odds and terms. Suffice to say, Betfair Exchange opens up quite literally endless possibilities, the likes of which you would not find anywhere else. In addition, the exchange also allows anyone wishing to do so to bet against outcomes, which again is something that is often unavailable.

    In terms of mobile and tablet gambling, Betfair Sports goes one step further than most of its rivals by offering an extensive range of mobile apps that have been created to enhance the whole betting-on-the-go experience. Doing pretty much anything whatsoever with the Betfair Sports site via mobile devices is an absolute dream – perhaps one of the best mobile sports betting offerings on the market.

    On a slightly more negative note, there are a couple of things that could definitely stand to be improved with Betfair Sports – one of which being the fact that deposits made by way of credit card are subject to a surcharge, which isn’t great. They also charge 5% commission on winnings, which is one of the highest you are likely to come across. And while the customer service team is outstanding in every way, email response times are occasionally a little uninspiring.

    Best Features
    There’s really no doubt as to the best feature whatsoever – you simply have to try out the Betfair Exchange if you haven’t already. It may take a little while to get to grips with, but just as soon as you do, there’s every chance it could change the way you look at online sports betting for the rest of your life!

    It’s a bit of a shame that Betfair Sports lets itself down in a couple of very simple areas, including those of charging for credit card deposits and charging a 5% commission in general. If these slight disadvantages were rectified, it would be more than an absolute contender for the industry’s undisputed leader.


    • Charging for credit card deposits these days really is unacceptable
    • 5% commission is a little too high – certainly much higher than most rivals
    • Email response times could stand to be improved


    • A clean and clear approach to the site’s overall design
    • Fantastic customer service team and 24/7 availability
    • The unique Betfair Exchange has the potential to be seriously good fun
    • Great odds across the board and a good mixture of sports
    • Decent introductory bonus offers and regular promotions
    • Access to an enormous range of online gaming opportunities, including a full casino

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