Why You Should Choose Online Casinos that Work Exclusively with Trusted Gaming Developers

There’s no shortage of important factors to consider when choosing an online casino. Assuming you want a safe and enjoyable gaming experience, you need to conduct a multitude of checks beforehand.

How many games are available, whether there’s a decent welcome bonus, customer support availability and so on – all worth taking into account.

But there’s one additional (and major) consideration that’s often excluded from the mix. What many online casino gamers overlook is the way in which the overwhelming majority of online games are powered by third-party developers. It’s rare for the casino itself to create and launch its own in-house games – they’re almost always provided by outside parties. 

This brings another list of factors to consider into the equation. Along with verifying the quality and safety of the casino itself, you also need to consider the brand behind the games you play. As with online casinos in general, standards vary significantly from one online gaming developer to the next.

The Security of Third-Party Software Developers
Above all else, what matters most when evaluating gaming developers is safety and security. At one side of the scale, you have the likes of the Playtech, Evolution and Microgaming – each considered one of the safest and most reputable developers in the sector right now. At the other, you have the untried and unverified developers that are attempting to break into the industry all the time.

While it’s true to say that some of these new and aspiring developers have nothing but positive intentions, they are not always capable of creating software without glaring security flaws. If there’s a security issue with the gaming software, it’s an issue that poses a threat to you when you play the game. Simply for the sake of keeping yourself safe, therefore, it’s worth sticking with those who know how to produce consistently reliable and robust software.

A Superior Gaming Experience
Online games such as blackjack, poker and online roulette have come a long way in the past few years. This is due in no small part to the more innovative programmers who are willing to push the digital envelope a bit further, in order to provide players with truly memorable experiences. Choosing online casinos that partner with these developers will help you take advantage of the latest interactive technology. 

It’s simply a case of getting the most for your money when gambling online. If you’re going to spend cash on casino games, they may as well be the most advanced and enjoyable casino games going. Compare a handful of online roulette games like for like these days and the difference really does tend to be staggering. While some online casino games are gorgeous to look at and run smoothly at all times, others are uninspiring, clunky and quite often unreliable.

Regular Updates
The only way to keep casino gaming software safe and enjoyable long-term is to ensure it is regularly updated. Even if a piece of software is comprehensively secure today, it could succumb to all manner of vulnerabilities tomorrow. This is something that separates the good software developers from the great – the latter spare no expense in keeping their products up to date with protection from the latest threats.

Carrying out regular updates is a mark of professionalism on the part of any software developer. It’s something you can expect as standard from the biggest and best names in the business, though doesn’t tend to be a priority elsewhere.

A Positive Reflection on the Website Itself
When you think about it, the software an online casino uses says a lot about its own credibility and value. Where you have a casino that sticks exclusively with the biggest and best developers on the market, it’s a clear demonstration of commitment to quality and safety. At the opposite end of the scale, those who offer uninspiring, outdated and potentially risky software aren’t exactly sending an inspiring message.

It’s the responsibility of every online casino to not only provide an enjoyable gaming experience, but to do so in a safe and consistent way. Unless the games and software provided are extensively scrutinised for quality and safety, it’s ultimately the player who is at risk. This is one of the main reasons why sticking with casinos that use only trusted software is essential.

Fair and Transparent Gaming
Last but not least, it’s important to remember that not all gaming developers are as fair and transparent as their counterparts. Take online slots for example – noting the RTP of a game before getting started is advisable. This refers to the amount of money the machine pays out in prizes, in relation to how much it collects. An RTP of 97% would mean £97 in prizes for every £100 wagered (on a long-term basis).

Anything above 95% is considered a decent enough RTP these days.  Nevertheless, it’s not uncommon to come across online slots from lacklustre developers with significantly lower RTPs. Why spend your money on a slot with a 70% RTP if there’s a more enjoyable slot available with a 96% RTP? Again, it’s simply a case of ensuring you gain maximum enjoyment and value for your money.

Finding the Best Online Casinos
The whole thing may seem like a daunting process, but can actually be quite simple. Finding the best online casinos is as easy as using genuine customer reviews and recommendations to point you in the right direction.

Where a casino has an established reputation and is powered only by the best developers in the business, it’s hard to go wrong. Where there’s sketchy feedback and a long list of developers you’ve never heard of, it could be an entirely different story.

Always consult customer reviews and ratings before signing up and don’t deposit funds into your account until you are 100% satisfied. You can also direct your questions and concerns at the casino’s customer support team, if clarification is needed before getting started.

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