Why Not Try a Spot of Early Morning Gambling?

Most gamblers instinctively head to the casino at night. Casino gambling is synonymous with wild evening on the town, complete with lashings of libations and inevitable headaches the next morning.

On the surface, the idea of hitting a casino earlier in the day is about as foreign as nightclubbing at noon.  It just doesn’t seem right, as it’s always been seen as something you do at night. 

But when you stop to give the whole thing a second thought, hitting the casino during the day might not be as crazy as it sounds. Or for that matter, maybe even…dare we say…in the morning?

Early Bird Benefits 

Of course, gambling in the morning or afternoon isn’t always an option due to other commitments. If it is, it’s worth considering for a few good reasons. 

All of which apply to smaller local casinos, but are even more relevant to their larger counterparts:

1 – You Think Better and Behave More Logically in the Morning 

It’s a well-known fact that the human brain functions far better in the morning than it does in the evening.  This is the time of day when your brain is working at its full capacity, your body is energised and you’re in the best possible position to make sensible decisions.

All of which really could make all the difference to your experience at the tables.  In the evening, you’re far more likely to throw caution to the wind and wing it.  Earlier in the day, you’ll probably base more of your decisions on logic and reason.

2 – No Queues at the Tables or Slots

The fact that casinos are generally much quieter during the day can also be a blessing. This means that whatever games you have your sights set on, you won’t be faced with huge lines. Nor will you have to deal with the prospect of people breathing down your neck while waiting for you to vacate your seat.

Gambling during the day often means having most of the place to yourself.  Something that can make for a wholly more relaxing and enjoyable experience.

3 – A Breath of Fresh Air

Hard to believe, that there are still thousands of major casinos worldwide that allow indoor smoking. Even with the most sophisticated AC systems on Earth, they still end up stinking to high heaven. Not to mention, doing a number on the health and wellbeing of those breathing all that second-hand nastiness.

Thankfully, this is not something that applies in the UK.  But if planning on visiting an overseas casino, you may find that things get stinkier as the day progresses. If looking to enjoy a breath of fresh air while you gamble, you might want to think about heading out early. 

4 – No Hangover or Aftereffects 

There’s no rule which states outright that you have to earn a horrible hangover at the casino. One of the best things about daytime casino gaming is the way in which the free and discounted drinks will not be nearly as tempting. Partially because it’s only breakfast time, but also be cut you may have other things you need to do in the afternoon/evening. 

Waking up feeling refreshed is always better than dealing with a crippling hangover. Not to mention, the benefit of not allowing intoxication to take the place of logic. Drinking while gambling is something millions do and every night – most of whom live to regret it!

5 – Better Service

Why are service standards better during the day? Two reasons – the first of which being fewer customers in the place for the staff to take care of. Secondly, daytime casino workers have to try twice as hard to stack up meaningful tips. 

If you only encounter a handful of customers per hour, you need to treat them like royalty to grease the wheels accordingly. Tips come in thick and fast when a casino is packed, though can slow to a trickle at other times. Hence, it’s the norm to be given way more time and attention by daytime workers than those who afford to contend with the evening chaos. 

6 – The Perfect Time to Play Poker?

A benefit of questionable ethics, but let’s face it – it’s every player for themselves at the poker table. Early morning has the potential to be the best time of all to play poker.  The reason is that at this time of day, you will usually only find two types of poker plays doing their thing. 

One of which is the casual player, who for whatever reason prefers hitting the casino during the day.  Crowded casinos can be intimidating for beginners, who often head out during quieter times. The other is the morning-after poker player, who started playing the day before. He or she has been at it all night, is dangerously sleep deprived and yet still wants to play. A prime target for making a profit, at the expense of a player who really should know better!

7 – Early Bird Food and Drink Offers 

Last up, most casinos offer entirely different incentives during the day than at night. With thousands of players flooding in during the evening, offers at the bar don’t have to be too generous. Nor is it necessary to hand out restaurant vouchers and discount coupons, as you’ve already got a packed floor.

During the day, a few extra incentives can go a long way. You’ll have probably heard about the casinos in Vegas that offer things like all-you-can-eat steak buffets for $10, or huge breakfast platters for less than $5. Suffice to say, there’s a reason these kinds of offers are only applicable during the day.  If looking to make your money go as far as possible, taking advantage of early bird offers comes highly recommended.

Final Word…

As always, each of these potential benefits and perks will vary significantly from one casino to the next. Some lavish daytime gamblers with incredible incentives, while others pay them no mind at all. 

Before heading out at any time of day (or night), do a little homework and check which casinos offer maximum bang for your buck. 

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