What Will it Take to Win the Best Online Casino Crown in the UK in 2020?

Every brand in business is gunning for the title of ‘best online casino’.  Unfortunately, not every online operator is cut out for a place at the top of the pecking order. General standards are improving all the time, forcing casino brands worldwide to up the ante and take things to the next level.

In which case, what will it take to win the best online casino crown in the UK in 2020? If you’re serious about becoming the best online casino in the business, what will you need to do? More importantly, how will you need to differentiate yourself from the competition?

Be Customer-Focused

Being customer-focused isn’t only important for traditional businesses. Online casinos also need to place players at the heart of their brands. If you don’t make your customers feel valued, they will instinctively and immediately take their business elsewhere.

The best online casino is a casino that approaches everything from the perspective of the customer. From the overall user experience to the quality of the customer support provided to the transparency of the published terms and conditions, everything should be 100% customer-focused. Even down to the blog posts you publish, which should be more about players’ interests, rather than your own.

Unless it’s clear from the get-go that the casino is 100% customer-focused, players will (quite rightly) do business with your competitors.

A Clear Brand Voice/Personality

This is something that can be more difficult to achieve, given the extent of the competition on the market. The best online casino is a casino that has a clear and unique personality. Roughly translated, a casino that isn’t just a generic copy of every other casino.

These days, pretty much anyone can throw together a basic collection of games and market their website as a casino. Nevertheless, it takes something special to stand out from the crowd. Becoming the best online casino in 2020 means doing whatever it takes to differentiate yourself from the competition. All of which begins by establishing the voice and personality of your brand.

You’ll find that casinos with personality often top the listings on sites that review the best online casinos. If you’re going to spend good money at a casino, it may as well be a casino that brings something unique to the table. Some are formal, others are light-hearted. Some focus their efforts on high rollers, others are more about casual gaming.

Offer the Best Bonuses

There’s no shortcut when it comes to winning customers over with attractive incentives. Gamblers love bonuses, and never fail to respond well to a competitive deal. The only problem being that where most casino bonuses are concerned, extortion and wagering requirements dilute their appeal significantly.

That’s why the best online casinos are those that keep things honest and transparent. Offering a decent array of bonus offers is essential, but so too is keeping wagering requirements to absolute minimums. These days, you cannot expect to get away with misleading bonus deals that are of no practical value whatsoever to the customer.

Slowly but surely, online casinos are picking up on this point and reconsidering their approach to bonus offers. There are still plenty of bogus bonuses out there, but some of the better names are taking a more honest approach to the whole thing.

Provide High-Paying Games

By high-paying games, we don’t necessarily mean the size of the jackpot any given game offers. Instead, we’re talking about the RTP (return to player) percentage of an online casino game. The best online casino is a casino that maximises returns for the benefit of its players.

This is something that can be accomplished by offering an extensive range of games with a generous RTP. Obviously, everyone wants to play high-paying casino games where available. In the slots department, the best paying games on the market have an RTP of 96% or more. They include:

  • Mega Joker—99%
  • Ugga Bugga—99%
  • Jackpot 6000—98.86%
  • Blood Suckers—98%
  • Rainbow Riches—98%

Of course, the casino itself doesn’t get a say in the mechanics of the online slots it offers. As they’re designed and engineered by external software developers, their RTP is fixed. Nevertheless, focusing on games with the highest possible RTP is a mark of a quality casino.

Provide Excellent Customer Support

Sooner or later, there’s good chance you’ll need to contact the casino’s customer support department. At which time, the importance of quality customer support becomes apparent. Some casinos deliberately make it as difficult as possible for their customers to get in touch. By contrast, the best online casinos on the market provide dedicated 24/7 or support of the highest quality.

As a casino brand, providing quality customer support is a mark of respect. It also clearly demonstrates that you are running a customer-focused business. Hence, you can often find out everything you need to know about an online casino, simply by putting its customer support to the test. Where an online casino trains its employees to solve customer issues professionally and leave them feeling happy no matter what, it thrives.

Particularly going into 2020, quality customer support looks set to be an even more important characteristic of a quality casino.

Stay Ahead of Competitors

Last but not least, casino operators need to be future focused to avoid fading into the background. The best online casino will always be the casino that stays on the cutting edge of the industry. In terms of gaming variety, the latest technology and the overall user experience, things are progressing at an incredible rate.

Right now, Live Casino gaming is taking over as the new standard for players worldwide. Sooner or later, this will no doubt be replaced by VR. When these kinds of major technological shifts occur, it’s the job of the online casino to embrace them.

Staying ahead of competitors means focusing heavily and permanently on the next big thing – whatever it happens to be.

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