Insightful Casino Secrets All Gamblers Should Know

Understandably, casinos aren’t in the habit of spilling the beans on their own tips, tricks and secrets to success. Though for the most part, the way the average casino works isn’t exactly rocket science.

You walk in, you hit the tables and you walk away with a lighter wallet – the basic casino business model.

But whether you play blackjack, baccarat or a blizzard of slots each time you head out, there are a few things all gamblers should know about casino establishments.  

They say knowledge is power, so add the following to your arsenal and you might just get a little more from your next casino visit:

1. Casinos Know Everything About the Psychology of Gambling

In a nutshell, there’s nothing the average casino doesn’t know about the science and psychology of gambling. They know that certain fragrances make players stick around in casinos for longer, they know that fast-paced music motivates high-risk behaviour, and they know that female gamblers take bigger risks at casinos when they are alone.

Don’t for a moment think the casino you’re in is making things up as it goes along. They know more about you than you can possibly believe, and they’re using it all against you!

2. The House Edge Varies from One Casino to the Next

Likewise, don’t make the mistake of assuming that the house edge is fixed across all casinos without exception. In reality, it’s quite the opposite – some impose a much less competitive house edge on their players. It’s something that’s usually geographic in nature, as casinos in some locations are more generous with the odds than others.

Something to look into before heading out, as all reputable casinos clearly disclose all essential information on house edge, odds and RTP. 

3. There Are Stooges At Work Everywhere 

Ever heard the rumour about hired professional gamblers in the mix among a casino’s actual customers? It’s not a rumour at all – it’s a fact. Most of the world’s biggest and most successful casinos hire professional gamblers to blend in at their establishments, play the games in the normal way and generally keep an eye on what’s going on.

Along with ensuring everybody is behaving as they should, they’re also there to enhance the appeal of the games by making them look as fun and enjoyable as possible. Getting paid to gamble and spend your days having fun in a casino…quite the dream job if ever there was one!

4. The Casino Investigates Players Who Hit the Jackpot 

In fact, you’re guaranteed to be investigated by the casino if you simply find yourself on a decent run of luck. Casino operators by their very nature are suspicious of anyone who beats the odds. If you’ve ever won more than a modest amount of money in a casino, you’ll have probably found yourself waiting at least a few minutes to receive your prize. 

This is because somewhere behind the scenes, the casino’s security team is frantically scouring through CCTV recordings to make sure you’re legit. More specifically, they’re on the lookout for any indications that you’ve cheated, in which case they won’t pay you a penny! 

5. Casinos Attempt to Kill the Concept of Time

There’s a reason why the vast majority of casinos have no windows to the outside world. It’s the exact same reason why most casinos also don’t feature any clocks whatsoever. The vast majority of people heading to a casino have every intention of gambling for a specific period of time. Only to find that several hours later, they’ve completely lost track of time and spent more than they expected.

A clever ploy on the part of the casino, for which it makes sense to make you forget what time it is. They don’t want you seeing it’s already dawn outside, or watching the clock to ensure you don’t stay too long. Quite the opposite – they’d prefer to keep you in their confines as long as possible.

6. Casinos Burn Through Cards at an Astonishing Rate

Even the tiniest imperfection in a single card could play right into the hands of a skilled gambler. Something casinos are very much aware of, which is why the average deck of cards has a lifespan of just a few hours. As a result, a typical casino will often burn through hundreds or even thousands of decks of cards within a few days. 

New cards are inspected in meticulous detail prior to being brought to a casino table. In the same vein, cards due to the burnt are also inspected for signs of tampering. Long story short – getting away with anything that involves even remotely dodgy cards at a casino is impossible.

7. Free Food and Drinks Aren’t Really Free

There’s no bigger motivation for most casino players to stick around longer than the prospect of a (literal) free lunch. Or a free breakfast or dinner, for that matter. Throughout history, casinos have killed two birds with one stone, simply by handing out free food and drinks. Along with keeping players satisfied and energised, freebies also make the house seem generous and trustworthy.

Fair enough, but the tiny amount of cash the casino spends on these goodies is exceeded massively by how much they make as a result. There may be £2 worth of food on the plate and 50p worth of alcohol in the glass, but chances are you’ll stick around and spend at least another £10 or £20 to take advantage of their generosity.

8. You Really Are Being Watched all the Time

Last up, the number of hidden cameras positioned around the average casino really is astonishing. As is the prevalence of hidden security staff around the place, paid to keep an eye on what’s going on.  From the time you walk in to the moment you leave, quite literally every move you make is monitored and recorded.

Of course, this shouldn’t be too much of a daunting prospect for those with nothing but ethical and responsible behaviour in mind. But if you’re even thinking about anything nefarious, beware – big brother really is watching you!

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