Casino Dealer FAQs: Getting to Know Your Hosts

Dealers have the potential to be some of the most fascinating people you will meet in a casino. The same can also be said for those who host live-dealer games online – professional and personable individuals from all walks of life.

Casinos are not in the habit of hiring just anyone to represent their businesses and watch over the tables. It takes time, effort, skill and experience to become a professional dealer in a casino. 

As something of a nod to these unsung heroes, today we’ll be taking a look at a few casino dealer FAQs. All in the name of showing respect and appreciation to those who play one of the biggest roles in making the casino experience what it is. 

1 ‒ What’s the Main Job of the Dealer?

First up, the main job of the dealer is to actually balance a whole bunch of different jobs at the same time. Firstly, they need to ensure everybody at the table is playing by the rules. They also need to ensure that they themselves are playing fairly, and therefore know just about everything there is to know about the game they’re presiding over.

In addition, professional dealers are expected to put on a show. There’s no room in any casino for dealers who don’t bring the energy and make the entire experience mundane. They are expected to do their job with flair, make things as engaging as possible for the players and (of course) keep those all-important seats filled for as long as possible.

2 ‒ Can You (and Should You) Chat with Casino Dealers?

The answer to this question depends entirely on the type of table you are sitting at and the other players beside you. Head to some blackjack tables, for example, and the whole thing plays out in steely silence. Vast sums of cash change hands at the flip of a card and nobody says a great deal at all.

Elsewhere, particularly when playing games like craps, the whole thing has much more of a party vibe. One where the dealer can often be the life and soul of the whole thing, getting well and truly in on the action. It’s therefore up to you to let your common sense be your guide. There’s nothing wrong with chatting with dealers and most enjoy interaction, but in some instances keeping things quiet is the way to go.

3 ‒ Do Dealers Play Against You?

This is perhaps the biggest misconception of all when it comes to the job of the dealer. It’s assumed by the overwhelming majority of casino gamblers that the job of the dealer is to beat you. That they’re out to get you and will do anything they can to ensure you lose. When in reality, it’s actually the exact opposite.

When a dealer plays any game at all in a casino, they do so in accordance with a strict set of rules. They’re not allowed to make things up as they go along, nor can they do anything that contravenes the casino’s policies. It’s therefore very similar to playing against a machine, where their every move is more or less predetermined. Hence, you cannot say dealers are playing against you – they’re simply playing in accordance with the rules. 

4 – Do Dealers Ever Cheat or Mislead Players?

Absolutely not, for two important reasons. Firstly, it’s not in the best interests of the house to make players upset or angry. Secondly, dealers depend on tips to supplement their wages. This is why rather than going to extreme lengths to make sure you lose, your dealer will usually do everything they can to help you win.

Big and small winners alike are always more generous tippers than those who lose their entire wad. It’s therefore of no benefit to the dealer to attempt to bleed you dry – especially by way of deception or cheating. In any case, they’re right there in front of you so there’s no realistic way they could get away with cheating, even if they wanted to.

5 – Should I Tip the Dealer Every Time?

The short answer is yes – every time and without exception. The amount you tip should be proportionate to your experience at the table. Not just the amount of money you win or lose, but the experience as a whole. If the dealer has been downright delightful and ensured a fantastic gaming experience from start to finish, they should be tipped generously. Of course, the same applies if you strike it lucky with a big win – ensure the dealer gets a cut.

But even if you have no luck at the tables and walk away with a loss, you still need to tip the dealer accordingly.  After all, they’ve simply been doing their job and have probably made every effort to help you out. It’s not their fault you lost your money, so it’s not fair to take it out on them.

6 – Can Anyone Become a Dealer?

Last up, life as a dealer really is not for everyone. Nor does everyone have the appropriate character and personality traits to become a successful dealer.  Making a living as a dealer means dedicating yourself to your craft quite relentlessly. You have to learn the games your take charge of inside out, you need to have a real passion for what you do, and you need to have a magnetic personality.

Importantly, you also need to be able to deal with every imaginable type of unpleasant player that might head your way. Those who are out to spoil things for everyone else, those who think they’re better than you and those who accuse you outright of cheating. All without ever losing your patience and remaining the consummate professional at all times – often easier said than done!

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