10 Things To Know Before Playing Roulette

There are essentially two reasons why roulette is so popular. One being the fact that it is so easy to dive into, the other being the obvious enjoyment factor.

Likewise, there are two types of roulette players into which each and every person taking part can be categorised. That being, those who play for fun and those who play to win. As always, playing for fun is the way to go, but it’s not to say that the occasional cash prize can’t also be very welcome to say the least.

As is the case with most casino games, it pays to know a thing or two about roulette before getting started. So if you are planning on heading out to a casino (or an online casino) for a spin or two in the near future, here’s a quick rundown of 10 things to know before playing roulette:

1.Not all casinos are the same
First and foremost, it’s worth checking out the reputation and status of the casino you intend to visit, before actually going ahead and visiting it. Both in terms of online and real-life casinos alike, there are enormous and important differences from one to the next. For obvious reasons, you can’t expect an outstanding roulette experience if you don’t select a sufficiently outstanding casino. So rather than simply diving in at random, do little homework and choose a casino with a solid reputation.

2.European roulette gives better odds…slightly
Contrary to popular belief, the presence of the ‘00’ on American roulette wheels really does make a big difference. In fact, given the way in which there are effectively two numbers on the wheel which basically signify an outright loss in an instant, playing American roulette doubles your likelihood of this outcome. Which in turn means that the house edge is double that of European roulette. So while it’s not to say that American roulette is to be avoided at all costs, it is nonetheless worth acknowledging the better odds available with European roulette.

  1. Learn the ropes with virtual currency
    As with most things, it’s only through practical experience that you will get to know how roulette works. You can read up on the rules all you like, but you are still going to need to play plenty to get the hang of it. In turn, it is definitely in your best interests to initially play using virtual currency, simply to get a feel for the action. For obvious reasons, this probably isn’t going to happen in a real-life casino. Instead, get yourself online and practice at least a little, before putting any real money on the line.

4.Check out deposit and withdrawal processes
If you plan to play online, always check out the deposit and withdrawal processes of the casino beforehand. The reason being that if you are planning to play somewhat casually, you may find it difficult to get hold of anything you win along the way. If the casino has a minimum withdrawal policy of £100 for example, maintaining a balance of around £10 and playing for pennies is going to make it impossible for you to withdraw anything whatsoever. Always read the terms and conditions, before going ahead.

5.Real casinos are a different experience
Make no mistake about it – there really is a huge difference between online roulette and the action that takes place in a real casino. One of the biggest differences being that when you play in a real casino, you get to see how other people approach roulette while you play. Which for obvious reasons has the potential to be a great learning experience.

6.Objectivity is better than emotion
It’s difficult not to let emotion creep into the equation to at least a certain extent. Nevertheless, making any moves whatsoever entirely on the basis of emotion isn’t going to breed positive results. What makes the difference between professional players and newcomers to roulette is the ability to let objectivity guide the decisions you make. If at any point you feel emotion may be taking over, you might want to think about walking away for a while and giving yourself a break.

7.Live dealer casinos enhance the action
Don’t forget there’s always the option of trying out a live dealer casino online, before heading out to a real casino. This is basically a means by which you can enjoy the best of both worlds – the simplicity and convenience of online roulette, coupled with the interactivity of the real thing. Once again, just ensure you select a quality casino service provider in the first place.

8.Learn the rules and odds
Red or black, odds or evens – getting to grips with the basics of roulette really couldn’t be easier. However, if you want to get the most out of your roulette experience each time you play, you are going to need to develop a better understanding of the rules and odds. In addition, familiarising yourself with the rules and odds can help ensure that you make savvier decisions and avoid all manner of rookie errors along the way.

9.Set aside a percentage of your profits to stay in the black
Each time you make a profit while playing roulette, think about putting it to one side and saving it for later. In doing so, you will ensure that you always stay in the black and don’t blow everything on a whim. Of course, it can be tempting after or during a winning streak to simply throw your winnings back into the game – winnings you may at the time interpret as ‘free’ money. The only problem being that this is a near-guaranteed way of plummeting somewhat painfully into the red.

10.Roulette is seriously social
Last but not least, you are never going to get the maximum enjoyment out of a game of roulette by playing it on your own. Just as is the case with so many other casino games, it is the social element of roulette that makes it so enticing and enjoyable. So whether it’s getting stuck into a few spins at a crowded roulette table or simply inviting your friends around for some online group gaming, be sure to take full advantage of the seriously social nature of roulette.

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