The Top 10 Most Expensive Cars Ever

If you’re out to buy a supercar, it’s pretty fair to say that you’re really not just looking for something to get you from A to B. In fact, the idea of transportation will probably be the very last thing on your mind. Otherwise, there’d be no real need to consider the Ferraris, Bugattis and Lamborghinis out there – you’d simply make do with any old runaround.

The appeal of ultra-luxurious vehicles is universal and anyone that tells you they aren’t interested in them is lying to you. Even if you’re not into driving like a maniac, just looking at these stunning machines is enough to get your heart racing. And to illustrate that point quite nicely, we thought we’d put together a brief list of some of the most genuinely heart-stopping supercars in the world.

Just to clarify, to make it to this list the cars featured must be production-run vehicles that are 100% road-legal and no re-entries for versions of the same vehicle. In addition, no one-offs or auction-house specials either. So if you just so happen to have more money than God and have become jaded with the dozen supercars already in your garage, you might want to think about picking up one of these stunners to liven things up a bit:

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