The Seven Simple Secrets of Multi-Millionaires

There once was a time where the long-term goal of becoming a millionaire would have made you come across as greedy…or at least, unrealistic. It was a dream shared by the masses for obvious reasons – total financial security, the ability to buy anything your heart desired and to generally live a life of luxury.

These days however, the intention to earn a million over the course of a lifetime actually seems comparatively modest. Why? Well, quite simply because of the fact that with the way the world works right now, a million dollars isn’t actually a lot of money. It’s certainly a hell of a lot of money if you’re currently struggling to make ends meet, but in terms of living a millionaire’s lifestyle, you’ll need to bag yourself way more than a million dollars to make it happen today!

According to the results of a recent study carried out by Fidelity Investments, those with over a million dollars to their name generally do not feel rich until they have accrued at least $7.5 million. As such, if you are looking to get rich to an extent where you can live the perceived life of a millionaire, you need to focus more on becoming a multi-millionaire. An unrealistic prospect? Not entirely – it’s not as if most of the world’s richest people were born into fabulous wealth. Many perhaps, but certainly not all.

So with this in mind and fresh from the brains of the biggest earners in the world, what follows is a brief overview of the seven secrets to becoming a multi-millionaire that might just see you living your dream one day:

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