The Most Expensive Hotel Rooms on Planet Earth

It’s probably fair to say that each and every one of us has from time to time stayed in a hotel and felt somewhat overcharged. Maybe the mattress was too soft, the bacon wasn’t cooked to your liking the following morning or you simply didn’t like the view. In any and all cases, feeling as if you have overpaid simply to sleep in someone else’s gaff for the night is never a good thing.

But what if you have so much money you can literally afford to stay anywhere on earth, without even thinking about it? Assuming even five stars isn’t good enough for you, what kind of accommodation might tick the right boxes?

Well, each and every year the most expensive hotels on the face of the earth are both a) increasing their prices and b) being overtaken by a new generation of quite simply ridiculous lodgings. It’s one thing to have deep pockets, but when you have pockets deep enough to fork out in the region of $100k simply to bed down for the night…well, isn’t there something more productive or socially responsible you could be doing with that kind of cash?

Of course not – or at least that’s the way things work in billionaire circles.

So from upgrades to overhauls to new establishments to exchange rate fluctuations, the top table in terms of terrifically overpriced hotel rooms is changing every year. So as far as 2016 is concerned, exactly what kind of cash can you be expected to hand over if you really want to go extreme when it comes to overnight stays?

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