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Paddy Power Games
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  • A great range of slots and plenty of other games for added variety
  • Excellent customer service team available 24/7
  • No need to deposit any money to try out the games on offer
  • Hot Jackpots guaranteed to drop before hitting £6,500

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    Paddy Power Games Portal & Bonuses Reviewed

    We probably don’t have to tell you a great deal about the size, power and prowess of these guys. Paddy Power is nothing short of a household name on a global basis and has the most enormous and dedicated customer base imaginable. But at the same time, sports betting is where these guys started out – a far cry from casino gaming. So when compared to rivals that were born and bred as pure online gaming sites, how does this Paddy Power Games review stack up? Read on and Casino Papa will reveal all!

    It’s hard to believe Paddy Power has only been in power since 1988 – Paddy Power Games arriving much later in 2012. If you have any interest in sports or gambling in the UK, it’s impossible not to instantly recognise both their name and their branding in all its green glory. Irish to the bone and proud of it, Paddy Power Games has all the makings of a top-quality web gambling site, but how does it fare when put to the test?

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    Site Summary
    Well, the first thing you might like about Paddy Power Games is the fact that there are no downloads required to access everything on offer. There will always be those who are totally turned off by the idea of mandatory downloads – none of which need concern you here. Paddy Power Games is an offshoot of the main casino, which means that while it keeps things simpler and access easier, there’s not quite as much on offer in terms of gaming as the casino. But to be honest, there’s still more than there needs to be!

    We’ve come across a few reviews stating that Paddy Power Games has too many games on offer…something we believe to be total nonsense. If anything, the number of games is just about perfect and there’s decent variety too. If anything, it’s the navigation system that could stand to be streamlined a little as making a beeline for the exact game you want can be tricky. It’s there and you will find it, but it might take some effort.

    At the time of writing, there was no specific welcome bonus offer being touted at Paddy Power Games. We don’t really see this as a huge issue though as a) there are loads of bonuses on offer from Paddy Power Casino and b) 90% of welcome bonuses aren’t exactly all they seem. That being said, there were some solid on-going promos and special deals we’d advise checking out. One is the famed Bonus Bar, which gradually fills as you play the games of your choosing and can ultimately score you a freebet with a value of up to £25,000. There are also some legendary slots where the full jackpot is guaranteed to drop before hitting £6,500 – Pyramid Gold, Sphinx Gold and Egyptian Wilds and definitely worth watching. They’re also currently holding a competition to win a VIP trip for 2 to Monaco, which is rather generous!

    Unsurprisingly, Paddy Power Games has hit the nail on the head when it comes to payments both ways. They accept almost every popular payment type going, including PayPal, and you can access and sort out your account/money online on in-person at any of their shops. You can even get involved in the action in Paddy Power locations across the UK, if you feel inclined to do so!

    We put the mobile iteration of Paddy Power Games through its paces and found it to be every bit as polished as the standard desktop site. If anything, it might actually have been a little easier to navigate. The already sweet deal is topped-off with free access to games without having to join up, 24/7 customer care of the highest order and the kind of platform performance that only comes from a brand as world-renowned and reputable as this.

    Best Features
    We personally love the tantalising prospect of big jackpots that are guaranteed to drop before hitting the £6,500 mark. Rather than paying out OTT to a handful of people, these guys prefer to pay smaller yet healthy sums to as many gamers as possible. It’s also impossible to knock the range of slots on offer, the overall performance of the platform and the outstanding competitions.

    Paddy Power Games is an ideal illustration of the fact that you simply cannot please all of the people all of the time. As always, we found a few areas for improvement, but in the case of Paddy Power Games & online slots they all come down to personal opinion. For example, some will be devastated by the prospect of no welcome bonus, others don’t give a damn. Some find the layout and navigation system cluttered and inconvenient, others give top marks to both. So really, the only recommendation is to give it a try for yourself and see – it’s about 99% guaranteed you’ll find plenty to like about it!

    Terms & Conditions
    1) To take part, you must opt in. 2) Get SMS-verified by supplying a valid telephone number. 3) Enter the validation code received by SMS to redeem the free spins. 4) Free Spins are valid on any of our Daily Jackpot games. 5) Free Spins will expire in 10 days from receipt of the offer.


    • The navigation system could stand to be improved a little
    • Some say the presentation in general is a little cluttered
    • No specific welcome bonus available
    • A few more table games would be nice


    • An excellent range of slots covering the newest entries and all-time classics
    • Generous competitions held on a regular basis
    • A great mobile experience across iOS and Android devices
    • Stellar customer care at all times
    • Flawless performance and super-fast payments
    • Hot jackpots with guaranteed drops

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