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BetFred Poker
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  • No garnish, no frills, all epic poker action
  • Excellent mobile website with impressive cross-platform device support
  • The pedigree of a brand like Betfred is self-explanatory
  • Speed Poker can be outrageously enjoyable

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    Play Betfred Poker With No Deposit Signup Bonus

    Fresh from the ranks of one of the most recognisable names in online betting, Betfred Poker landed with a bang in 2005. In the decade or so since, they managed to score themselves a pretty extensive and impressively loyal base of subscribers across the United Kingdom and beyond. But in the same 10 years, an extraordinary array of newcomers have joined the scene with the sole intention of stealing the thunder from big brands like Betfred. So how does Betfred Poker perform by 2016 standards? Read on for more information from Casino Papa!


    The fact that Betfred has been in business since 1967 pretty much says all that needs to be said about the company’s pedigree. These guys know what they are doing and have been doing it right for generations. They have in excess of 900 High Street locations and turn over more than £1.5 billion each year – a small business or outside runner Betfred most certainly is not. But at the same time, this is predominantly a sports betting brand we’re talking about, so how do they perform in the poker arena?

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    Site Summary

    Well, the first thing that springs to mind for anyone familiar with Betfred Poker for the long-term is how much of a difference the recent site overhaul made. While so many poker sites and services are working flat out to make their visuals as impressive and elaborate as possible, Betfred Poker decided to do away with its 3D view in favour of a new 2D layout. Why? It’s simple really – simpler visuals, a lighter overall approach to design and much, much improved overall performance. And given the fact that the quality of the gaming should always take precedence over everything else, it was and is a very commendable change.

    So you aren’t going to be won over by the visuals alone at Betfred Poker – the rest of the experience however will probably do the trick. In terms of bonuses, truth is there isn’t really a great deal to write home about – but then again, there never is. Along with being offered a relatively generous £10 package of bits and pieces – mostly gaming tokens – there’s an initial deposit bonus offer available up to a maximum of £1,200. Now, it is however important to note that in order to get your hands on any of this cash, you’ll need to earn quite a lot of ‘VIP Points’ by playing for real money. As is the case with largely every online poker room, the bonus itself isn’t really worth a great deal unless you plan to play a seriously hefty amount of poker with plenty of your own money.

    Texas Holdem, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo and Seven Card stud are the orders of the day at Betfred Poker, meaning all the most popular bases are covered. It might not necessarily be the deepest website in terms of poker types, but it’s certainly ranks right up there with respect to how much action is taking place at any one time. Quite simply, Betfred Poker is a hive of activity day and night, meaning you’ll never find yourself struggling to find a table with your ideal stakes.

    One of the most popular features available at Betfred Poker is ‘Speed Poker’. In a nutshell, rather than wasting your time at a table when your intention is to fold anyway, you can immediately fold at any time and be instantly transported to another hand to get right back into the action. There’s also a great ‘One Chip Mania’ game where, as the name suggests, everyone taking part begins with only one chip to play with.

    Powered by Playtech, it’s hardly surprising that the overall platform at Betfred Poker is every bit as dependable and seamless as you’d expect it to be. Slowdowns are pretty much unheard of and navigating the site is an absolute breeze. What’s more, being able to look into a variety of key statistics including hand histories and player notes can be extremely helpful for those who take their poker seriously.

    And while there may be no specific mobile app available for the time being, the Betfred Poker mobile website offers near total compatibility with most iOS and Android devices alike – it’s definitely worth checking out.

    Best Features

    For those who rate their poker experience as purely on the gaming itself, the very best feature about Betfred Poker is its simplicity. By not bothering with overly complicated visuals and unnecessary garnishes, the result is a gaming experience that is quite simply as fast, fluid and enjoyable as it gets. Speaking of which, Speed Poker is also enormously enjoyable.


    Roughly summarised, it’s pretty safe to say that Betfred Poker doesn’t disappoint in any way, shape or form. If you spend enough time nitpicking, then of course you will find things wrong with it, but if you’re simply out for high quality poker with a huge poker community and access to an extraordinary array of competitions and tournaments, you absolutely will not regret checking out Betfred Poker.


    • A dedicated mobile application would be nice
    • It’s quite difficult to access any of the bonus money offered
    • Gaming diversity isn’t exactly enormous


    • The simplified site design puts total emphasis on gaming quality
    • Betfred Poker is absolutely always busy with plenty of packed tables
    • Competitions and tournaments available are diverse and plentiful
    • It isn’t necessary to deposit cash to get started in the first place
    • The mobile website is extremely accommodating
    • The downloadable software client is quite superb

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