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WARNING: Unlicensed Operation
Ox Markets
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Reasons to Play

  • One of the most extensively regulated binary options brokers
  • An outstanding platform that’s both powerful and easy to use
  • High quality educational resources for higher level account holders
  • Knowledgeable and enthusiastic customer service representatives

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    Ox Markets

    Technically speaking, if any binary options broker was capable of delivering the total package without exception, there wouldn’t be the need for any others.  Competition wouldn’t exist, given the way in which there would be one flawless service provider that everyone would work with. In reality, this of course isn’t the case at all. Which is why we have thousands of different brokers representing hundreds of different brands from all over the world. Which is subsequently why it’s inevitable that from time to time, a pretty decent broker may slip you by entirely. Is this the case with Ox Markets? Read on and Casino Papa will tell you all you need to now!


    Assuming this is indeed a brand that has so far passed you by, it might surprise you to learn that Ox Markets has been in business since 2015. However, quite a number of critics and traders alike believe that it is only as of relatively recently that they have started to fulfil their full potential. They certainly make quite a number of claims with regard to their own performance, responsibility and status in general, but how does Ox Markets perform when put to the test?


    Contact Information

    Site Overview

    First and foremost, licensing and regulation is something you really don’t have to worry about when it comes to these guys. Take the time to scroll to the bottom of the home page and you will see an extensive list of regulatory ‘accolades’ in the form of licensing and regulation from a variety of bodies and authorities. They claim to offer superbly safe and secure binary options trading – this would seem to suggest that this particular claim is valid.


    In terms of getting up and running with your shiny new Ox Markets account, this is where things get a little more complicated. One thing to highlight which we believe to be of real importance – Ox Markets offers new customers separate options in terms of whether they wish to sign up for a demo account or a live account. Rather than expecting you to set up a real money account before gaining access to the demo facility, there’s no requirement to hand over any funds here.  Which in turn means that if you are just getting to grips with trading and would like to see what’s on offer risk-free, you can do exactly that.

    Speaking of real money, head over to the binary accounts page and you will be presented with five account options. They start out with the Micro option for a minimum deposit of $500 and go all the way up to the VIP account for a $50,000 deposit. As far as we’re concerned, $500 for the lowest-end account is too much – particularly when it appears to come with very few additional perks and privileges.


    Nevertheless, there’s also the option of signing up for a Forex account in the traditional sense – the two account options here being available for $250 or $20,000 with nothing in the middle. Still, it may appeal to traders at a more advanced level that Ox Markets doesn’t focus only on a binary options trading.


    In terms of welcome bonus offers, at the time of our evaluation Ox Markets was offering a generous introductory top up worth up to 100% the amount deposited.  The only problem being that with an attached trading volume requirement 30X, it’s the kind of money that’s probably only ever going to cause you problems. Still,

    they did have a pretty decent system in place offering the potential for risk-free trades, which is always nice to see.

    The list of option types available at Ox Markets is extensive to say the least, featuring all the usual standards including ladder options, one touch options, long-term options, pairs, standard binary options, CFD and many more besides. They also accept an extensive range of payment types, deposits and withdrawals, handled with impressive promptness and the maximum payout rate is set at an agreeable 81%. Minimum withdrawals are set at $100 and the minimum deposit accepted is $250 – neither of which may be particularly appealing to newcomers and casual traders.


    One thing these guys definitely have going for them is the quality of the customer service providers, though it has to be said that getting in touch does occasionally take some time. There’s just a single telephone number based in Cyprus, along with a customer service e-mail address and a moderately reliable live chat facility.  Last but not least, the educational resources produced and made available by Ox Markets are impressive enough, but access to many of them is restricted to higher-end accounts only. If you want to gain access to market analysis, one-on-one

    training and so on, you need to be willing to deposit many thousands of dollars for the privilege.

    Best Features

    Along with the platform itself being absolutely great to work with, one of the best things about Ox Markets is the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are dealing with such an extensively regulated and reputable broker. Not only this, but there is incredible scope in terms of the different types of trading available and for those with enough money to open higher level accounts, plenty of perks and privileges too.


    While access to a 100% free demo account never fails to win over newcomers, it was clear to us that Ox Markets is predominantly aimed at traders at a higher level.  Not only is $500 way too much for the lowest level account type, but there are very few additional advantages thrown the way of beginners and casual traders. Still, if you are looking to trade at a higher level and already know what you are doing, you might be right at home with Ox Markets.


    • Bonus terms and conditions slightly steep
    • Not the largest asset index available
    • Restricted access to educational resources
    • Entry-level account requires $500 deposit


    • An extremely user friendly SpotOption platform
    • Knowledgeable and helpful customer service
    • Free demo accounts available
    • Brilliant mobile app
    • High 81% maximum payout
    • Total customer security and extensive regulation
    • Service provision goes beyond classic binary options