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  • Huge flexibility and potentially high returns
  • Outstanding platform and total security
  • Great mobile app and customer service
  • Low minimum deposits and minimum trades

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    For the most part, Australia isn’t a word you usually associate with binary options brokers. Solely, of course, for the reason that you won’t come across many located down-under. Which is precisely why when we encounter a broker like HighLow, we’re genuinely excited to put it through its paces. And it’s not just us, either, as HighLow has garnered a pretty strong following as of late. Indeed, traders at all levels seem to be flocking the way of HighLow, so what is it that these guys are doing that’s causing such a stir? Casino Papa knows…read on for more!


    The fact that HighLow is so heavily regulated means immediate plus points. Everything they do is 100% legit and scrutinised to the highest extent, so the one thing you can say for sure about HighLow right off the bat is they’re a safe bet…a VERY safe bet. On top of this, there’s also the appeal to Aussie traders of a broker with the Australian Dollar as its primary currency. Which in turn means, no losses through currency exchange, of course. So there’s definitely something good to say about HighLow from the onset, but what about the rest of the deal?


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     Site Overview


    Well, if you’re the kind that’s primarily interested in OTT bonus offers, you probably won’t find HighLow too much of a thrill ride. At the time of our review, HighLow was offering a pretty modest $50 cashback offer on qualifying first trades, which isn’t what you’d call the biggest bonus on the market. But at the same time, it’s honest, genuine and uncomplicated. Terms and conditions of course apply, but aren’t nearly as steep and convoluted as other brokers tend to make them.


    There’s a huge range of options types available at HighLow – don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the name! Not only this, but there are also some incredibly high potential payouts on offer, with traditional options paying as much as 100% and other advanced options taking things as high as 200%. Suffice to say, if you know what you’re doing and hedge your bets in the right places, potential returns with HighLow can be extraordinary.

    Anyone new to HighLow will no doubt get a real kick from the demo account, which is right there for the taking just as soon as you sign up. You’ll be credited with $10,000 in virtual currency and given free-run of the entire site. Get used to the platform and learn the ins and outs of trading, before putting a penny of your own cash at risk. What’s also great is that trades can be entered into for as little as $10, once again underlining HighLow as a great broker for newcomers. It would be better if this was reduced as low as $1, but $10 is still pretty good. There are plenty of short and long-term expiry times to choose from, along with Forex Spread High/Low Trading for those who like the high-risk, high-reward approach to trading.

    Moving on, the HighLow is simply superb to work with and gets the job done great across most popular platforms. One standout feature that scores further points for HighLow is the Trader’s Choice indicator, which can be very useful in guiding the decisions of those looking for a few real-time pointers.

    There’s little to say about the customer support offered, other than that standards could not be higher. Support is available in English and Japanese, by way of telephone or email. It’s a shame they haven’t yet introduced a live chat facility, but we found getting in touch via phone easy enough, so no big problems there. Limited opening hours may also be a problem for some. The site isn’t exactly bursting at the seams with education resources, but there are a couple of bits and pieces in there – including a solid FAQ.


    Minimum credit card deposits come in at just $50, while bank wire transfers can be made from as little as $10. The minimum withdrawal amount of $50 is also nicely low, but most withdrawals are charged at a flat rate of 2%, which could stand to be waved. And as with all great brokers, all clients’ funds are kept in an entirely separate account, meaning that no matter what happens to the company going forward, your cash is always safeguarded.

    Best Features

    It has to be the overall scope in terms of flexibility that stands out as the most prominent feature at HighLow. Traders at all levels have the option of making their trades as simple or complex as possible, with potentially huge payouts to play for. In addition, the mobile experience is one of the best in the business and the customer care team is first-class in every way.


    On the whole, HighLow comes very close to ticking all the right boxes as a top-level broker. The platform is great, flexibility is high and so are the potential payouts. In fact, if you’re not too bothered about huge welcome bonuses and don’t mind paying small commission on withdrawals, there’s probably very little about HighLow you won’t like.


    • No live chat facility available
    • Bonus offers a little on the weak side
    • 2% commission on credit/debit card withdrawals
    • Limited educational resources available


    • Potentially huge returns of up to $200
    • Low minimum deposits, withdrawals and trading amounts
    • A great demo account with $10,000 of virtual funds
    • Great customer care in English and Japanese
    • Total safety and security, strong regulation
    • A huge variety of assets and options types