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888 Games
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  • Very simple and effective user interface
  • The highest quality slots from the world’s leading developers
  • Plenty of table games, instant wins and exclusives
  • Outstanding customer service available around the clock

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    888 Games

    If you know online gaming, you know 888. Actually to be perfectly honest, even if you’ve never been near an online casino in your life, you’ve probably still heard of 888 about a thousand times. One of the most recognisable, successful and undeniably impressive gambling service providers on the face of the earth, 888 has a reputation for delivering the goods in a big way. Which in turn means that when it comes to 888 Games, you’d expect more of the same. But when you consider the fact that these guys are already operating a massive online casino, an outstanding poker room, a successful sportsbook and so on, is there really any room left for 888 Games? Read on and Casino Papa will reveal all!


    The biggest problem so many of these ‘games’ sites have in common is the way in which they don’t technically offer anything of value that isn’t already available elsewhere. Or in other words, you get something of a low calorie version of the same firm’s casino, usually with slightly less attractive bonus offers and fewer games available. Pointless? Some might say so, but at the same time some of these sites are spectacularly successful. And given the fact that this particular site is owned and operated by 888, you’d expect it to fall very much into the latter category.


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    Site Summary

    We came across a review recently which we believe describes exactly what’s on offer at 888 Games more concisely than we ever could. Quite simply, the anonymous reviewer (who actually really liked 888 Games) said that it fills the gap we never knew existed between 888 Casino and 888 Ladies Bingo.  Meaning that if these two offerings don’t quite hit the nail on the head for you personally, 888 Games might.

    And to be honest we agree, for the most part anyway. From the get go, 888 Games doesn’t come across nearly as serious and intense as its casino counterpart, but then at the same time isn’t nearly as overly girly as 888 Bingo.  There’s quite a lot of purple in there, but it’s all reasonably gender-neutral, which in our books is a good thing.

    You definitely get the idea that the site in general has been designed with a great deal of focus on mobile gaming. Everything is presented very neatly and compactly, which in our tests did indeed translate to a fantastic mobile experience. The navigation system is a breeze, they have gone over the top promoting their own promotions and it all just comes together quite nicely.

    As for the games on offer, you’d expect there to be a huge range of excellent titles to choose from and…well, you’d be half right at least. As tends to be the case with these kinds of sites, it’s all a very scaled down affair which means that in terms of quantity, things have been reduced significantly – 150+ games or so.  But at the same time, each and every title has clearly been selected with quality and popularity in mind – the overall experience has also been significantly streamlined.

    888 Games adds a little variety with a pretty impressive range of casino table games, not to mention quite a few instant win games and a wide variety of highly tempting progressive jackpots. You’ll also find at least 20+ exclusive games available.

    How does 888 Games handle the subjects of promotions? Well, at the time of writing the primary welcome bonus for new customers was being touted as a £12 no-deposit bonus. Open an account and with no requirement to deposit so much as a penny, £12 is thrown your way with which to dive into the action.  Standard terms and conditions apply, including 30X wagering requirements and a rather swift 24-hour expiration time. Nevertheless, it still means getting started without having to pay a penny. And on that note, 888 Games also makes it possible to play almost any of the games on offer free of charge, without even having to open an account. This is something we always like to see at Casino Papa!

    There’s also the opportunity to take home a 100% bonus on your first actual deposit up to a maximum value of £100. This attaches largely the same terms and conditions as mentioned above, though with a slightly more relaxed 90-day expiration time.

    Customer service really isn’t a subject worth bringing up as far as 888 Games – their reputation for getting the job done right speaks for itself. Representatives are available day and night every single day of the year, account security is total and every popular payment option is accepted. Average payout rates are right up there with the best in the business, the gaming library is being added to all time and as for the mobile 888 Games experience…well, all we can say is check it out for yourself and you will instantly know how great it is!

    Best Features

    We found the simplicity and streamlining of the overall 888 Games experience to be impressive to say the least. Not only this, but while the library of games on offer may not be the biggest, it is certainly one of the highest in quality. In addition, 888 Games doesn’t just pay a passing nod to table games and other exclusives just for the sake of it. Largely everything they do, they do properly.


    So back to the original question – is there any room for 888 Games? In a word, maybe. It all depends what you are looking for, but if you’re all about high quality slots, a simplified user experience, superb performance and solid enough promotions, you’ll find a lot to like at 888 Games. That being said, there is nothing here that you will not also find at 888 Casino.


    • Live Chat facility isn’t offered 24/7
    • Not quite as many games as comparable rival offerings
    • No-deposit bonus terms and conditions are a little steep


    • Strong brand reputation and pedigree for total peace of mind
    • 24/7 customer service with UK telephone numbers
    • Excellent overall average payout rates
    • A beautifully simple approach to site design
    • Outstanding account security
    • High quality gaming library
    • No need to deposit any money to get started
    • Most games can be tested without opening an account