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32Red Poker
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  • A fantastic no-nonsense user interface that’s all about the gaming
  • A huge subscriber base keeps the tables packed at all times
  • Outstanding customer service and member security
  • Plenty of free tables for newcomers

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    Play 32Red Poker Online Right Now With Signup Bonus

    If you know the 32Red brand, then you’ll no doubt notice that this is a company that doesn’t mess around when it comes to online gaming. They’ve pretty much set and reset the bar for the industry dozens of times over, earning a global reputation as one of the best online casino providers ever to go into business. But as most seasoned gamers will know, poker tends to be a very different arena than that of the standard casino gaming experience. Which begs the question – does 32Red Poker live up to the rest of the brand’s offerings? Read on for the full inside scoop from Casino Papa!


    32Red has been doing what it does best since the year 2000, managing to pick up an extraordinary array of awards along the way. The company seemed to really come into its own around 2010, at which time there was barely a prestigious online gaming award they didn’t romp home with. Nevertheless, the last few years in particular have seen a huge array of new contenders hit the market – all of which are gunning for exactly the same glory as 32Red Poker and its compatriots. So with the way things are looking right now, how does 32Red Poker stack up?


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    Site Summary

    When you scour the web looking for personal views and opinions on 32Red Poker, you sort of get the feeling that every single site you come across is on the 32Red payroll. The reason being that you really have to dig hard to find any criticism whatsoever. In a rare twist however, this has got absolutely nothing to do with dodgy dealings – it’s a plain and simple case of there genuinely being almost nothing about 32Red Poker to poke holes in.

    If there’s one potential sticking point to get out of the way first, then yes – 32Red Poker doesn’t exactly get carried away when it comes to in-game visuals. In fact, it’s about as stripped back and basic as it gets – somewhat reminiscent of the rather early days, independent online poker providers of decades gone by. No fancy visuals or 3D avatars, just your name…end of. Is it a bad thing? It depends who you ask, but by cutting the crap by way of visuals, the smoothness, sleekness and overall performance of the gaming experience really is completely seamlessly.

    Hosted by the Microgaming network, it’s hardly surprising that everything about the 32Red Poker runs without a hitch. The lobby is reasonably well set out and easy to navigate, with a huge amount of action taking place at all times. Speaking of which, there are currently well over half a million active 32Red Poker players spanning the United Kingdom and beyond, which in turn means that periods of poor traffic are largely non-existent.

    Can you play for free as a newcomer? Of course you can, and unlike so many of the other poker rooms up and running they don’t just pay a passing nod to free play and tables with stakes as low as pennies. If you’d prefer to learn the ropes and generally get a feel for how things work before putting good money on the line, 32Red Poker is definitely a good place to head.

    32Red Poker makes the downloadable software client optional, but still doesn’t offer any such facility for Mac users…which is a bad thing. That being said, the primary 32Red Poker does offer instant access to the action with no downloads required and is 100% Mac compatible. Mobile gaming can be a bit of a problem for 32Red Poker players as while the site does support mobile devices, you’re pretty much out of luck if you use a device that doesn’t support Flash. And as this applies to a pretty ginormous proportion of smartphones and tablet PCs alike, it’s most certainly an area for improvement.

    In terms of bonuses, it’s the usual case of being provided with up to £1,000 as a new customer, though in order to get your hands on any of it you’ll need to earn the required number of ‘Redbacks’ – aka loyalty points – within 30 days. This means wagering a lot of your own money, in turn making it a bonus not to read much into. Still, it’s no worse than the majority of bonuses being handed out elsewhere.

    Topped off with outstanding customer service, plenty of regular promotions and a mind-blowing array of tournaments to try your luck with, 32Red Poker is in every respect a poker room that’s definitely worth checking out.

    Best Features

    Singling out the very best features is somewhat difficult as 32Red Poker is for the most part just a very strong, upstanding and no-nonsense poker service. It’s a no-frills experience from start to finish, but this does if nothing else allow for an incredibly smooth and seamless user experience and outstanding performance.


    On the whole, 32Red Poker tells a relatively predictable tale of a poker room that ticks all the right boxes…almost. There’s absolutely nothing you can complain about the quality of gaming, performance is right up there with the very best in the business and the 32Red pedigree speaks for itself. That being said, bonus terms and conditions are somewhat steep, lack of Mac support for the downloadable client isn’t great and often the mobile app really isn’t particularly good at all.


    • The fact that there still is no mobile app is rather bizarre
    • Many mobile gamers will be restricted due to lack of Flash support
    • Downloadable poker client does not support Mac
    • Some might argue that the in-game visuals are a little too basic


    • An extremely simplified platform for total performance
    • Superior customer safety and security
    • An incredibly large and loyal customer base
    • Free play tables for risk-free poker playing
    • Instant access with no download required
    • Excellent customer service

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