What Your Favourite Casino Game Says About You

At the risk of the contradicting the theme of this entire piece, people can of course enjoy numerous different casino games. Likewise, people’s reasons for choosing one specific casino game over any other may be unique to them.

Just to get that little disclaimer out of the way, before getting started.

Whichever way you look at it, different casino games attract different people for entirely different reasons. Some are all about the intricate complexities of the more challenging games, while others seek thrills in taking big risks.  Elsewhere, others choose casino games based more on the social aspect of the whole thing.

Consequently, you can often tell a lot about a person by the type of casino game they prefer. There may be overlaps and exceptions, but you will usually find that the following ring true in most instances:

1. Craps: For those who like to make friends at the casino

First up, craps has a tendency to be the single most social game in any casino.  This is the table where everyone taking part seems to be enjoying their own private party. Albeit, with complete strangers they only met after rocking up at the casino. 

Commercially, craps is definitely not the game for shy and retiring types, who prefer to keep themselves to themselves. Quiet evenings by the craps table are not a thing.

2. Roulette: For those who like to keep things simple

The great thing about roulette is how you don’t have to bring a strategy, knowledge or wisdom into the whole thing at any time. Playing roulette is basically the same as rolling a dice with dozens of sides. For all its glamour and sophistication, it really is just an extremely basic game of chance.

All of which is where its appeal lies, as roulette is ideal for those who like to keep things simple. Or more specifically, those who have neither the time nor the inclination to study the complex rules of any other casino table games. You simply turn up, place your bets and see what happens – easy.

3. Baccarat: For those who want to look good while keeping things simple

Perhaps the only casino table game that’s actually simpler than roulette, baccarat nonetheless has a real air of prestige about it. Credited in no small part to its popularity with Mr James Bond, who contrary to popular belief plays more baccarat than poker. 

The fantastic thing about baccarat is how you can genuinely make it look like you’re some kind of savvy and seasoned veteran, when you really don’t have a clue what you’re doing. It’s as simple as choosing which hand will win – yours or the dealers – and seeing if you’re right. Fabulously simple, but a game that also looks hugely sophisticated to outsiders.

4. Keno: For those who don’t care about (or understand) the house edge 

Admittedly, keno can be an absolute blast. It’s nice and simple, it pretty much plays itself and it can be an enjoyable experience in general. But when it comes to that inescapable house edge, keno tips things in favour of the house on a level that goes beyond almost any other casino game.

Depending on where you play and the type of keno you play, you could be looking at a house edge as high as 35%. Which is basically ridiculous, given how the house edge can be reduced to close to 1% when playing games like roulette or blackjack the right way. Not that there’s anything fundamentally wrong with keno, but a house edge this high simply isn’t acceptable for many gamblers.

5. Blackjack: For statistical and mathematical thinkers

The idea behind blackjack is that you use your intuition and mathematical skills to predict which card will be dealt next. There’s no way of getting it right with anything close to 100% accuracy, but making a mental note of what’s already been dealt can help you make strategic decisions.

This makes blackjack the perfect game for statistical and mathematical thinkers. You don’t have to take things so far as to count cards in the controversial sense – you can simply keep a basic eye on what’s happening at the time. It’s still ultimately down to chance, but you can at least tip the odds slightly in your favour. 

6. Sports Betting: For those who are more about the experience

The fact that most people who bet on sports place relatively modest wagers tells you they’re not really in it for the money. It could be something as monumental as the World Cup final, yet they’ll still limit themselves to say £10 or £20. 

Even so, just a small amount of money like this can add a whole new edge of excitement to the whole thing. Some high-rollers might bet the farm and have little interest in the game, but more sports betting fans are more about the experience than anything else.

7. Slots: For those who don’t really want to think

Last up, we’re not for one second suggesting that slots are a form of mindless entertainment for those who prefer not to use their brains in a more general sense. Instead, we’re simply highlighting the fact that slots provide welcome escapism for those times when you want/need to switch off your brain. 

Slots are engineered from the ground up with pure escapism in mind. Eye-catching visuals, flashing lights, weird and wonderful sound effects – all making for a hugely immersive experience. One that pulls you and holds you captive indefinitely. Slots can be absolutely fantastic when you simply want to sit there, hit the button and await the outcome. You know you’re highly unlikely to walk away with a huge cash prize, but you’re happy to continue feeding in money for the escapism of the whole thing.

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