How To Choose the Right Blackjack Site to Play for Real Money

You’re a fan of blackjack, you want to play online with real money and you’re eager to get started. All that’s left to do is it find a decent site to sign up with, which technically should be the easy part…right?

Perhaps, but making sure you find the perfect site to suit your preferences means taking a few things into account. 

There’s no shortage of online casinos to choose from, which in all instances have their own unique pros and cons. There are also plenty of different types of blackjack games available to check out. Aside from the classic style blackjack, there’s also Atlantic City, European blackjack, and others.

Whether you’re a casual player or a high roller, you’ll find no shortage of options available. As for narrowing things down to the best in the business, it’s as easy as following the steps outlined below:

  1. Check out

If looking for up-to-date reviews and recommendations on some of the best blackjack sites available, be sure to check out If you are a total beginner, you can learn the ins and outs of blackjack using this awesome resource too.

This can be a great place to start, as these guys specialise exclusively in blackjack. You’ll find a whole bunch of listings and helpful information to help you get started, along with details on some of the bigger and better bonuses currently available. 

But as is the case with all review sites, it’s important not to take everything you read at face value. You still need to conduct a few manual checks yourself, before deciding who to sign up with and hand over your cash.

  1. Look for realistic welcome bonuses

Not all welcome bonuses are created equal. In addition, it’s essential to bear in mind that bigger isn’t always better where casino bonuses are concerned. If anything, it often turns out to be quite the opposite.

Browsing for casino bonuses you can use at the blackjack table means keeping things realistic. As a general rule of thumb, any bonus that appears far too good to be true most probably is. The more ludicrously ‘generous’ a welcome bonus appears to be, the less likely it is to be legit.

Always check the site’s terms and conditions in full, before taking advantage of any bonus offer. More importantly, make sure that there are no geographical restrictions in place that will exclude you from bonus eligibility entirely.

  1. Check real-life customer reviews

While browsing the various blackjack games and casino sites available, take the time to check out a decent selection of real-life customer reviews. These have a tendency to be the only 100% honest and impartial sources of information you’ll find online.

Of course, you’ll rarely come across a blackjack site that has earned nothing but glowing reviews and five-star ratings from its customers. There will always be the odd disgruntled punter here and there, who decides to leave a negative review having blown their wad on a woeful wager. 

Nevertheless, consulting customer reviews will give you a good idea where the consensus lies. If the overwhelming majority of write-ups are positive, you’re probably looking at a safe bet. If there’s a disconcerting number of negative reviews, take your blackjack business elsewhere.

  1. Take a look at deposit and withdrawal policies

With some online blackjack sites, you can deposit as little as £10 into your account at a time and request withdrawals starting from the same £10.  Elsewhere, you’re expected to pay no less than £20 into your account each time and cannot withdraw anything less than £100. 

It’s entirely down to you and your bankroll to decide what kinds of deposit and withdrawal policies are viable. Though in all instances, you’ll want to check whether unnecessary fees and commissions are payable when forming transactions. 

  1. Make security your top priority

This should technically be the first thing you are looking for, as everything else is inconsequential if security isn’t up to scratch. You don’t need to get too bogged down in the complexities of the whole thing – simply take the time to check what the blackjack site has to say about security and customer safety.

Unless they clearly take security seriously, you could be taking a risk by sharing your personal data and financial information with them. 

This is also something that should be evident when checking out customer reviews, as security tends to be a top priority for most savvy blackjack players these days.

  1. Check out their customer support

The quickest and easiest way to rate the customer support team of an online blackjack site is to put it to the test. Simply send them a bunch of questions via your preferred channel and see how they respond. In doing so, take note of how adequately they perform.

How easy are they to reach? How quickly do they respond? How good are they at resolving issues and disputes? 

Always remember that the quality of a casino’s customer support service is a direct reflection of its professionalism. Unless you’re completely satisfied with the customer support service provided, set your sights on a different blackjack site. 

  1. Payment methods accepted

Last but not least, this is more a case of personal preference than an outright deal breaker. Nevertheless, it is essential to ensure that the blackjack site you choose supports your preferred payment methods…and won’t charge you a packet for using them.

The vast majority of online blackjack sites accept most major credit and debit cards – PayPal is also widely accepted. There’s also a growing list of online casinos and blackjack sites that accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, if crypto coins are your thing. 

Once again, it’s simply a case of consulting the casino’s terms and conditions in full, before opening an account. Rather than simply assuming they support your payment method, check whether or not they actually do!

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