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10 Things to Buy Yourself After Making Your First Billion
Have you ever wondered – what’s the first thing you’d buy yourself after making your first billion? Assuming you’d already addressed important living costs and the like, what could you indulge in that you’d never have even dreamed of before? If it’s ...
Your 101 Introduction to Bitcoins
Anyone who has kept up to date with the news over recent years will undoubtedly have heard of the Bitcoin. The world’s first semi-official digital currency has made quite a few headlines, having quickly gone from being something of a curious unknown to ...
Elijah Oyefeso – The Truth About the Self-Made Trading Guru
On Sunday, July 12, 2015, a 21-year old by the name of Elijah Oyefeso had the kind of morning most would consider to be catastrophic. You’d think that if you were the owner of a Bentley Continental, little could be worse than crashing the thing. But you’d ...
The Seven Simple Secrets of Multi-Millionaires
There once was a time where the long-term goal of becoming a millionaire would have made you come across as greedy…or at least, unrealistic. It was a dream shared by the masses for obvious reasons – total financial security, the ability to buy anything ...
12 Woeful Ways to Waste Money As a Billionaire
Every now and again, you find yourself scratching your head in wonder upon hearing the weird and wonderful purchases of the super-rich. Sometimes it’s a question of taste, but in others it’s a case of wondering what on Earth they were thinking. It’s one ...
10 of the Most Expensive Mistakes in Human History
Every now and again, we all make the kinds of mistakes that amount to wasted money. We buy the wrong thing from the supermarket, drop something expensive and smash it to pieces, buy tickets for the wrong train or through sheer carelessness lose things of ...
10 of the Most Ludicrous Celebrity Purchases Ever
Some might say that if you’ve got the cash to cover it, there’s really no such thing as making a bad spending decision. After all, it’s your cash to do what you want with, so who’s to say what’s right and wrong? The answer – anyone with the common sense ...
Warren Buffett
Warren Buffet’s 10 Golden Rules for Getting Rich…VERY Rich!
Strictly speaking, Warren Buffett isn’t rich. Given the fact that this one man alone is sitting on a personal fortune of more than $62 billion, there really isn’t a word in existence that describes exactly how wealthy he really is. It’s the kind of cash ...
10 Things Billionaires Can Do That You Totally Can’t!
In most societies, it is generally agreed that there are three distinct class levels – the poor, the middle class and the rich. In reality however, this just isn’t the case at all. The reason being that above and beyond those classified as rich comes an ...