Tips for Playing Online Slots and Wagering with Cryptocurrency

Playing casino games online, especially online slots, is no less than a lifestyle for millions of gamers all over the world. One of the primary reasons for the popularity of online slots is their simplicity. Even with little to no knowledge or experience whatsoever, it’s perfectly possible to dive into the world of thousands of incredible online slots. And of course, the fact that it’s possible to take home incredible cash prizes only adds to their appeal.

For some, the prospect of being able to tip the balance in their favour by way of any number of strategies and ‘tricks’ makes the idea of slot gaming all the more appealing. Unfortunately, there never has been and never will be such a thing as a guaranteed strategy for making money with online slots. In fact, getting rich quickly by way of any gambling activity without risking extraordinary losses really is no less than a fairytale. As such, any individual or website that attempts to give you the impression that this is a realistic possibility is not a source of information you should be listing to!

Still, it’s not to say that there aren’t ways and means by which you can reduce the risk of heavy losses and increase your enjoyment while playing online slots. The primary rule of thumb being to play responsibly, remembering at all times that online casino gaming is supposed to be about fun and enjoyment – not making a profit.

Determine Your Budget in Advance
All of which begins by thinking about your current situation and establishing a budget. The idea being that you determine exactly how much you are willing and able to set aside for gambling and gambling alone. Under no circumstances should you ever gamble with money you need to pay your bills or fund your everyday lifestyle in general.
Casino Reputation
It’s also worth taking into account the reputation and status of the casino in question, before signing up in the first place. Have they earned a strong and consistent reputation among their customers, or are you coming across worrying accounts of their performance? Always take into account the thoughts and recommendations of past and present customers, rather than taking the word of the casino itself at face value.

Personal Limits and Payout Percentage
Every online slot has its own assigned payout percentage, referred to as its RTP rate. Which basically refers to exactly how much money the machine will pay out for every 100 units of currency taken. In the case of an online slot with a 90% RTP, this would mean that for every 100 ‘coins’ taken, it returns 90. But this doesn’t mean that you personally will receive back 90% of everything you put in. As such, you need to assign your own personal limitations and know exactly when to walk away from a losing streak.

Loyalty Program Considerations
Many of the casinos you come across may offer a variety of loyalty programs in all manner of shapes and sizes. Which in most instances centre on the provision of loyalty ‘points’ that are collected and accumulated as you play. Over time, these points stack up and can eventually be exchanged for prizes, additional credit and other rewards. However, the vast majority of loyalty programs are only of any real value to those who play on a regular basis and stake relatively large amounts of money.

Bonuses and Promotions
Likewise, you will probably find that pretty much every casino you come across online these days will offer its own unique contingency of welcome bonuses and promotions. Which in some instances can be extremely appealing, though should not be taken for granted. Wagering requirements will always apply alongside all manner of terms and conditions. In some instances entirely eliminating any value or appeal whatsoever from the bonus as a whole. From deposit-match bonuses to no-deposit bonuses to free spins and so on, always be 100% sure as to what exactly you’re signing up for.

Jackpots and Payouts
As a general rule of thumb, the larger the prizes on offer, the less likely you are to win. In fact, machines with higher volatility tend to pay out least frequently of all – including the more modest prizes available. By contrast, low-volatility online slots with smaller prizes can usually be relied on to pay out on a more regular basis.

Hit and Run?
Once again, no online slots strategy can be considered comprehensively effective – including the so-called ‘hit and run’ strategy. Which basically involves walking away from any given slot the moment you win a decent price and heading to another. The theory being that once a slot has paid out, it is statistically less likely to pay out once again. In reality however, this simply isn’t the case at all as the odds are reset and therefore the same before and after each and every spin. Still, there is much to be said for variety, so it can be both rewarding and enjoyable to try out as many slots as possible.

Playing with Bitcoin and Choosing the Right Bitcoin Casino
Interested in trying out the curious cryptocurrency that’s becoming something of a global phenomenon? If not now, chances are you’ll be coming across Bitcoins on a more regular basis than ever before over the coming months and years.

If unfamiliar as to what exactly Bitcoin is, you’re basically looking at an entirely new currency form of money in its own right. Bitcoin has absolutely no physical form or presence whatsoever, that can be used for purchases in exactly the same way as real money. In addition, Bitcoins can be exchanged for real currencies such as euros or dollars.

Bitcoin was introduced in 2009 and exists solely as a kind of ‘virtual’ currency. Meaning that you have an account which operates in the same way as a PayPal account, for example, though never get your hands on a physical Bitcoin. But at the same time, there’s always the option of withdrawing your funds in just about any currency you like, in accordance with the value of Bitcoin at the time.

Speaking of which, the value of the Bitcoin has exploded so dramatically over recent months and years that those who started out with Bitcoins of little to no value are finding themselves sitting on seven and eight-figure fortunes. But at the same time, many economists believe that it is only a matter of time before the Bitcoin bubble bursts, potentially seeing its value plummet dramatically. The reason being that Bitcoin is currently unregulated on a global basis – the implementation of regulation being likely to detrimentally affect its value.

Bitcoin Casinos
Still, the Bitcoin represents a viable and flexible form of currency like any other and can also be used for online casino gaming. While the number of online casinos accepting this new cryptocurrency is comparatively small, there are still plenty of options available for those looking to gamble with Bitcoins. As far as making the right decision goes, it is essentially a case of following the same rules and guidelines that apply to everyday casino selection. Only with a little additional caution and consideration, given the way in which the lack of regulation surrounding Bitcoin makes it a popular currency for use among those involved in illegal practices.

Not that this means that all or even most Bitcoin users are dodgy, of course! It’s simply a case of looking after your own interests with the following common-sense considerations:

  1. Licensing and Regulation
    As always, it’s a good idea to ensure that the casino in question is at least fully licensed and regulated itself. Should this be the case, chances are you are in safe hands – irrespective of what type of currency you choose to play with. The currency itself may not be regulated, but a licensing and regulation on the part of the casino typically add up to a safe and enjoyable experience.
  1. Reviews and Ratings
    Take the time to see what kind of reputation the casino has earned in the eyes of those who have tried and tested it previously. Just as would be the case when selecting any kind of online casino or gaming site, it’s important not to simply take what the company has to say at face value. Instead, take the time to seek as many reviews, ratings and recommendations as necessary, in order to see how they perform when put to the test.
  1. Customer Service
    Check in advance what kind of customer service is provided, given that most customers find themselves in need of advice and support at some point along the way. It’s highly advisable to stick with the kinds of casinos that have a full 24/7 customer support contingency in place, along with multiple methods of getting in touch. You might also want to see what past and present customers have to say about the quality of the customer service offered.
  1. Gaming Variety
    Last but not least, there’s little to gain by signing up to an online casino only because it accepts Bitcoins if the variety and quality of gaming available simply isn’t up to scratch. So before making your final decision, be sure to check out the gaming catalogue and see if it features the kinds of games you’re interested in.

Once again, it’s important to take into account the fact that at this stage in time, nobody really knows exactly what’s going to happen as far as the Bitcoin is concerned. While some see its value going nowhere but through the roof by the indefinite future, others believe it is right on the verge of a rather dramatic crash. Still, for those with a taste for gambling in general, these can be the kinds of risks that make things all the more exciting in the first place!

Good luck and happy gambling!

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