The Weirdest Casino Strategies Ever Dreamed Up?

As we’ve said on countless occasions, the only casino strategy that works is common sense.  Like it or not, every outcome that occurs in a casino is an event of pure chance.

An outcome there is nothing you can do to predict, influence or control in any way…period. 

Far from a bad thing, this is what makes casino games worth playing. It’s also what makes gambling a viable concept, otherwise it wouldn’t be gambling at all.  Even where there is a degree of skill involved in a casino game, it’s still predominantly a game of luck. 

The sooner you acknowledge this, the more you stand to get out of your casino gaming – online and in the real world. 

Wild and Wacky Casino Strategies

Over the years, the number of supposed ‘winning’ strategies that have crept into the mix is quite astonishing. As is the elaborateness and outright weirdness of some of the wackiest ones.

There are some strategies for games like blackjack, poker and roulette that at least make you think.  Elsewhere, there are those that make you wonder what on earth the individual who came up with the strategy was thinking at the time.

To illustrate the point, we’ll now be taking a look at a selection of fundamentally flawed (and basically ridiculous) casino strategies.  Definitely some of the weirdest you’ll hear of, and all united in the fact that they are devoid of any logic or value:

1. Only play when it’s you versus the dealer 

First up, there are those who genuinely believe blackjack should only be played at an empty table. It’s a theory rooted in the notion that the more people there are playing at the time, the fewer high-value card there are left in the shoe.  Which is technically correct, but this makes absolutely no difference to the game whatsoever.

Irrespective of how many people are playing at the time, the cards are dealt completely randomly.  This means that whether there are six people playing just one player taking on the dealer, the outcome is still 100% random.  Just because there are more people at the table does not mean more high-value cards have been dealt. 

And even if they had been dealt, it would simply lower the dealer’s odds of being dealt high-value cards, right?

A strategy someone has at least tried to explain logically, but one that sadly lacks logic entirely.

2. Play in tournaments and nothing else

Flawed logic again plays a role with this strategy, which suggests that by focusing all of your attention on tournaments you’ll eventually hit paydirt. 

With tournament play, you pay however much it costs to take part and that’s that. You play for as long as your stack lasts, you do your best to outplay your competitors and you await your fate.  If you win, you might win a lot.  If you lose, you don’t lose any more than you paid to enter. 

All well and good, but the issue with this theory is that it still doesn’t guarantee anything. Nothing. Nada. Winning tournaments is exceptionally difficult, and prizes bar the top-level payout tend to be quite modest. Unless you take part in high-roller tournaments, which you’ll need to pay a heavy price to enter.

Lastly, tournament play really is nothing like regular casino play. OK if you’re happy with that, but sticking exclusively with tournaments means denying yourself a hell of lot of enjoyment elsewhere.

3. Placing multiple long-shot bets at once

This is a strategy favoured by those who think they know their maths well enough to engineer positive outcomes. When you play roulette, you stand to win bigger prizes with riskier bets. The lower the likelihood of the better paying off, the higher the prize if it does.

Consequently, some, attempt to stack the odds in their favour by placing a bunch of long-shot bets at the same time.  They place several risky bets – each with the potential to pay a healthy prize – and cross their fingers accordingly.

The more bets you place, the more likely you are to win.  Sadly, this is not a strategy that can in any way tip the odds in your favour. Roulette is a precision-engineered casino game that ensures there is always a house edge in play. 

You can place as many bets as you like on as many different outcomes as you like, but it doing so will not guarantee wins. If anything, it could set you on the road to heavy losses.

4. Only play max lines and bets 

There are some who genuinely believe that an online slot’s RTP and payout habits can be influenced by betting more. That if you place bigger wagers, you’ll benefit from improved odds.  Sadly, this isn’t the case at all.

With paylines, playing the minimum number of pay lines available is never a good idea.  If a slot has an RTP of 96%, you’ll need to bet as many paylines as possible to nudge things up to this maximum payout rate.

That when it comes to the size of your bets, they have no bearing whatsoever on the odds of the outcome. Bigger wagers open the door to bigger prizes, but also mean taking bigger risks. 

It’s up to you which way you go, but don’t make the assumption that betting more means better odds with each spin.

5.  Leaving a gap between each spin

Last up, there’s been a theory floating around for some time that leaving a gap between each spin can work in your favour at the slots. Specifically – though with no plausible justification – many believe that waiting 17 seconds between each spin can tip the balance in your favour.

Unsurprisingly, this is by far one of the most nonsensical of all casino strategies doing the rounds right now. Irrespective of whether you wait 1.7 seconds, 17 seconds or 17 minutes between spins, it has no influence on the subsequent spin.

Each and every spin is 100% random, with the same fixed odds as every spin before and after. Feel free to wait 17 seconds to catch your breath, but don’t for a moment think it’s going to play directly into your pocket.

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