A Brief Guide to Making the Most of No Deposit Casino Bonuses

There will always be those who tell you that if you try hard enough, it’s possible to cheat the system and profit at the expense of online casinos. Unfortunately, such individuals really are just about as deluded as it gets.

At the risk of offending those who believe in such things, anyone who attempts to convince you it’s possible to cheat online casinos out of money isn’t someone you should be listening to.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t technically possible to get something for nothing when gambling online. It simply means that you need to be realistic, rather than chasing unicorns and expecting too much.

Finding the Best No-Deposit Bonuses

Turning a profit as an online casino gamer isn’t easy. In fact, there is no realistic way of guaranteeing that you will walk away with more than you started with.

That is, unless you make use of the best no-deposit bonus offers available.

A brief disclaimer at this point – even the best no-deposit bonus offers don’t constitute ‘free money’ in the traditional sense. Roughly translated, you’re never going to be handed even just £10 or £20 in cash that you can withdraw right away and spend as you choose to.

Instead, these kinds of bonuses are all about stuffing your account with bonus credit. With which, there’s every chance you’ll pocket a prize and may be permitted to withdraw it.

Scouring the market for the best no-deposit bonuses isn’t about making a beeline for the biggest sums of cash advertised. Instead, it’s about focusing your attention squarely on the following:

Wagering requirements

Above all else, you need to find out exactly how the bonus is restricted by way of wagering requirements. This refers to the number of times you are required to ‘play through’ the bonus amount, before you can withdraw it or any of the winnings it generates.

In a typical example, a no-deposit bonus offer of £10 could be subject to 50x wagering requirements. This means that until you wager (or play through) £500 of your own money or winnings, you won’t be able to get your hands on the money by way of a withdrawal.

The maximum amount you can win

Assuming that your goal in this instance is to make as much money as possible from your bonus credit, you’ll want to keep a close eye on applicable restrictions. There’s nothing worse than striking it lucky with a huge jackpot, only to find the casino won’t let you withdraw more than £5 of it.

All no-deposit bonus offers are subject to certain restrictions on winnings, so as to protect the casino from heavy losses. Hence, it’s up to you to determine whether or not you are happy with the restrictions, or whether the whole thing is not worth bothering with.

Permitted games

Depending on the casino you sign up with, you may find that the funds added to your account by way of a welcome bonus can be used exclusively on certain games, or types of games. For example, there are some no-deposit casino bonuses that can be used on slots only, while others may be restricted to live-dealer gaming or traditional casino table games.

None of this is necessarily a bad thing – it’s simply a case of ensuring you can actually play the games you want to play with your bonus money. If not, set your sights elsewhere.

By focusing on these three things, you can find the right no deposit bonus for you and help you to start building your bankroll in a sensible way. You can find more no deposit bonuses here to help you get started.

Strategic Gambling with No Deposit Casino Bonuses

In most instances, the probability of transforming a no deposit casino bonus into a hefty prize payout is minimal to say the least. Nevertheless, there are some online gambling strategies that tend to prove at least slightly more effective than others in this area of gaming.

Normally, it’s sensible to play cautiously and strategically, rather than going hell for leather. When you’re playing with the funds accessed by way of a no-deposit bonus offer, you’ll actually want to go the exact opposite way.

Even if it’s completely against your usual playing style, playing as aggressively as possible really is the way to go.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when trying to win big on no deposit bonuses is to be cautious. By trying to slowly build up your winnings, you actually are decreasing your chances of winning. The more times you spin or roll the dice, the worse your chances are. Your new strategy should be to play big and fast.

Remember that you are technically playing with free money, so if you do lose it, you can always move on to another no deposit bonus at a different casino. By playing high stakes, you are giving yourself the best shot at winning money.

Up the Ante with High-Volatility Slots

Likewise, attempting to turn a profit by setting your sights on high-volatility slots wouldn’t normally be a good idea. Higher variance translates to bigger risks and a higher likelihood of loss, which doesn’t add up to an appealing prospect with real money on the line.

But as you’re playing with bonus credit you didn’t pay for, why not go for it?

The odds of hitting a 750x multiplier on a high-variance slot might be pretty low. But then again, so too are your chances of hitting the 10x jackpot on a low-variance slot.  In the meantime, stick with the latter and you’re unlikely to pocket more than a few coins. You’re certainly not going to fulfil the wagering requirements.

In the world of online casino gaming, no-deposit bonus funds provide you with the rare opportunity to go against your instincts and live dangerously. Even if the odds are stacked against you – which they definitely are – there’s technically nothing to lose by taking things to extremes.

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