is Gearing Up for a Major Re-Launch was a project initially touted to launch in 2018, but subsequently put on indefinite hold. That is, until now!

During 2020, decided the time had come to relaunch this project on a global scale. Why now? Because SlotsJudge has the potential to be hugely beneficial at a time when more people are taking part in iGaming activities than ever before. SlotsJudge provides an open platform for players to share their experiences and pick up valuable pointers.

On top of this, it enables players to offer their unbiased views on the thousands of slot games out there doing their business right now. This is innovation at its best, enabling professionals and everyday players to come together to create an informative and impartial portal for all-things slot gaming.

A little like what we offer here at Casino Papa, though with heavy focus on slots, rather than more conventional casino games.

The project relaunch of SlotsJudge by Scanteam is pretty exciting on the whole. The idea behind the site is to not only allow professionals to write and create reviews on slots, but also feature those of the people who actually play them. Players from all backgrounds are encouraged to join up, write about the slots and their experiences with them.

Better still, players will be rewarded for doing so as well as for any comments they write. The more active players on are, the more rewards and bonuses they receive and this is all through the exciting SJ points system. The points then are exchanged for cash and other goods in the SJ shop.

Further Details of the Update

Details of the SlotsJudge update have been filtering through for some time, including ambitious plans to develop an exceptionally user-friendly interface and an instantly identifiable colour scheme. Moreover, the platform will be fully adaptable to mobile devices, so users can access its comprehensive information bank whenever and wherever they choose.

Once the new site is up and running, it will be updated on a continuous basis to include the latest information on all the newest slots and online games available.  There will also be the option of testing out the slots themselves directly through the platform, as an added bonus. The back catalogue of games is also comprehensive, so players can check out reviews of games gone before. Sharing opinions and comments on the latest slots is highly encouraged and there are incentives available for doing so (as touched upon above).

SlotsJudge Launches a YouTube Channel

Taking an additional step to bring its services to the masses, SlotsJudge is also launching a Youtube channel for players to get involved with. On this channel, players will find the SlotsJudge team of experts discussing anything and everything you can think of when it comes to the world of gambling. There will be the latest news, so you never have to miss a slot release again. Plus, you will find honest reviews from some of the very best names in the business.

The team will also be discussing the best casinos at the moment, helping players find the perfect place to settle down and get playing. In short, there’s a ton of things going on, and all of it is designed to bring players together in one large community.  Of course, one of the best things about YouTube in general is the way in which it creates an open forum for discussion. Players will have the opportunity to submit and reply to comments, or reach out to the SlotsJudge team directly in an open public forum.

With the continuous interactivity taking place on this platform, you will also be able to suggest topics for upcoming Youtube videos, bring up some burning questions, or even request reviews for a wide variety of gaming aspects it doesn’t just stop at slots but will cover software providers, casinos, and more.

What is SlotsJudge All About?

The team behind SlotsJudge consists of professional gamblers who have decades of combined experience. They’re sharing their knowledge with the world and have been working for some time on a platform to allow them to do so.

The site has been designed to offer completely reliable information there’s no paying for a rating here. Instead, any ratings for games or software are created completely through the reviews, comments, and voting that you and other players provide. In this way, players access unbiased information.

As mentioned, players will also earn points to be spent in the SJ Shop with a higher points store earning players bigger rewards. There’s a referral system too along with welcome SJ points for newcomers signing up and so much more. With the highest number of slots featured on its site, a full social media network in place, and plans to continuously expand, SlotsJudge looks set to be a seriously impressive entry point to the world of slot games. This relaunch is shaping up to be a much-needed breath of fresh air in the iGaming world, which really couldn’t be coming at a better time!

Staying Safe when Gambling Online

Of course, it’s still important to have your wits about you when taking suggestions and recommendations on games to play and casinos to do business with. Even with fully independent portals like SlotsJudge, you can’t always instinctively trust all the information you come across.

Before doing business with any online casino, it’s still advisable to conduct a couple of brief background checks. Check what the wider consensus is among gamers in general, which is as easy as conducting a couple of quick online searches.

If in doubt, don’t deposit funds into your account (or even sign up) without giving the casino a thorough inspection. If there’s anything that fails to inspire confidence or comes across as amateurish, you may be better taking your money elsewhere.

Online forums like SlotsJudge can be a great place to start, but you still need to use your common sense and go with your gut when necessary.

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