Microgaming Updates Immortal Romance Ten Years Since the Slot’s Release

Immortal Romance is one of the most popular slot games in Microgaming’s packed library. The game has been hugely influential and was an early pioneer in the idea of themed slots with backstories. However, at ten years old, the Isle of Man-based developer decided its popular title was in need of some renovation.

It’s a testament to just how fast the slot industry is moving that, for games such as this one to remain current, updating could be key. Indeed, the Immortal Romance reboot could lead other slot developers to follow suit and spruce up some of the older games in their catalogues.

About the Update

It was recently announced that Immortal Romance would be newly revamped with improved animations, quick spins, an autoplay option, and better audio quality. It is also now equipped with an HTML5 update to put it in line with the most recent iGaming releases and developments in web browsers.

This change in coding means that it will be available to play on any device, without players having to install add-ons. The new version of Immortal Romance is still essentially the same game that online slots players love, but it has been brought in line with the newest offerings around today.

Why is the Game so Popular?

There are tons of reasons why Immortal Romance has been one of the top-performing slot games over the decade since its release. One major factor was that it was one of the first online slots to introduce an engaging theme. It kicked off a trend in which slot developers would frequently turn to films and television for inspiration for their slots.

Another reason for Immortal Romance’s popularity is the fact that the vampire genre has been mainstream for many years, and a lot of people seek out fang-happy content. Indeed, there have been more than 200 films that feature Bram Stoker’s legendary Count Dracula to some extent. The character has gone on to inspire numerous other works as well. When Immortal Romance was released, True Blood was at the peak of its popularity. The HBO series ran from 2008 to 2014 and won a Golden Globe and an Emmy.

Could This Be an Emerging Trend?

There is no doubt that the renovation of slot games from over a decade ago could become a new trend in the iGaming industry.

The advancement of slots is occurring so rapidly, with new games introducing features which weren’t seen on earlier titles. The fact that legendary slot games like Immortal Romance, Mega Moolah, and Gonzo’s Quest still remain popular to this day, though, means that players still enjoy them for their themes and gameplay. For this reason, the need might be identified to bring them up to speed with the state-of-the-art games on the market. This also offers opportunities for increased marketing, which can draw the attention of more players.

The Immortal Romance upgrade will come as good news to people who have already enjoyed the game and will also serve to attract new players to the reels. As Microgaming is unquestionably one of the industry leaders, this could also start a trend of renovations and sequels to old but much-loved online slot games.

The Future of Online Slots

Enhancing and revamping all time classics like Immortal Romance is a popular and already-successful trend that’s likely to continue indefinitely. Nevertheless, simply tweaking and polishing existing titles barely scratches the surface with regard to what the future of online slots has in store.

Speculative they may be, but there are already plenty of predictions as to what we can expect to see over the coming years. Some of which have already appeared in somewhat rudimentary form, though could take over as the new standards for the sectors soon enough.

Here are just a few of the growing trends you can expect to see a lot of over the coming years, aside from simple revamps and reworks of all-time classics like Immortal Romance:

Skill Based Slots

Right off the bat, there’s enormous demand for and interest in slots that aren’t purely about luck. The vast majority of slots will continue to be games of pure chance (which can be extremely enjoyable), but there are also those who want their knowledge, skills and experience to be put to the test. The idea being that rather than placing the outcome entirely in the hands of fate, you have at least some influence over what happens, in accordance with your skill level.

Female Friendly Slots

Whichever way you look at it, online slots over the years have generally targeted male audiences primarily. There’s been a token scattering of female-focused slots in the mix, but nothing more than a very basic gesture at best. According to a recent study from the folks at 888.com, approximately 45% of all online gamblers are now female. This massive uptick in interest from female audiences worldwide is guaranteed to lead to an influx of new and improved female-friendly slots.

Crypto Currency

The future of crypto currency in general isn’t exactly certain. Nevertheless, if crypto currency ends up playing an important role in our lives going forwards, it’ll almost definitely make its mark on the online slots scene.  There are already some casinos that support crypto currency (some exclusively), but we’re yet to see an online slot that operates entirely in crypto. A progressive jackpot handed out in the form of Bitcoins would be an interesting addition to the mix.

Augmented Reality

Last up, Pokemon Go gave the masses their first real glimpse of what augmented reality is capable of. Going forwards, it’s likely that AR will play a huge role in the future of online casinos in general. As will virtual reality – anything that can help provide an even more immersive casino experience than current technology allows. Sooner or later, it will be perfectly possible to use the equipment you have (or will have) at home to propel yourself into a full 360-immersive online casino experience, combining all the benefits of traditional casino gaming and online casino gaming.

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