If You Hear These Roulette Tips, Ignore Them At All Costs!

Every now and again, you come across the kinds of roulette tips that are borderline baffling in their stupidity. But what’s even more shocking is how regularly and routinely you come across the kinds of long-standing myths and untruths that should have been eliminated decades ago.

Roulette has the potential to be a truly fantastic casino game and is simple enough for anyone to enjoy. The only problem being that the more deeply you read into nonsensical tips and tactics, the less fun you have and the more you will lose – it really is as simple as that.

So just to illustrate the point a little more clearly, here’s a brief rundown of a selection of long-standing roulette rules and guidelines you’d be wise to steer clear of at all costs:

  1. Bet the Opposite of Winning Numbers / Colours


First up, so many people will tell you that when playing roulette, the smart money goes on the opposite numbers or colours to those that are winning at the moment. The logic being that as the ball has landed on red five times in a row, it is statistically more likely to land on black next time. In reality, this really is about as misguided as it gets. Irrespective of what may have happened for any number of spins before, the odds are reset and therefore identical for every single spin. Meaning that whichever way you look at it, there is absolutely no truth or mathematical logic to this guideline whatsoever.

  1. You Can Beat Roulette with Betting Systems
    If only you could, but you can’t – so don’t! In fact, the only roulette system that has even a shred of logic to it is the fabled Martingale system. The idea being that you place a bet, lose, then place double your initial bet and continue until you eventually win. The only problem being that by the time you’re about seven or eight losses into the system, you’re already out four-figures. Meaning that unless you have thousands of pounds in your bankroll you can afford to lose, even the Martingale system doesn’t come highly recommended. Particularly given the fact that the house always has the edge.
  2. You Can Capitalise on Dealer Signatures
    What this basically refers to is a strategy whereby you watch dealers closely for the way they throw the ball and/or spin the wheel. In doing so, you eventually work out when and where the ball is more likely to land, given the way it is released by the dealer and so on. Proponents insist that this is a method that can actually work, though in reality it is complete and utter BS. The mathematics behind the actual odds of the ball doing one thing or another on the roulette wheel are mind-blowing to say the least. Meaning that if you honestly think you can make the ball do exactly the same thing twice in a row when launching it in accordance with house rules…well, this probably isn’t the game for you!
  3. Casino Roulette Wheels Are Rigged
    Those perpetuating the steaming pile of trash thereby suggesting that it is safer to play online. In reality however, it would be infinitely easier for an online casino to rig its virtual roulette wheels, though this doesn’t happen either. The simple fact of the matter being that no casino is stupid enough to take the kinds of risks associated with ripping-off players. What’s more, they are continuously checked and audited for fairness – plus it would become pretty obvious pretty quickly if their wheels were rigged. Meaning that if things appear to be going disproportionately in favour of the casino, it’s all down to you getting it all wrong!
  4. Always Look Out For Biased Wheels
    If you aren’t already familiar with the concept, wheel bias represents the higher statistical likelihood of any given outcome, due to the wheel in question being in some way damaged, worn, uneven or misshapen. In the past, picking up on wheel bias helped a fair few eagle-eyed gamers take casinos to the cleaners and back again. These days however, no successful casino on the face of the earth would ever allow wheel bias to creep into the equation. Meaning that regardless of how hard you look for it, you simply aren’t going to find it. And it goes without saying that attempting to look for patterns with wheel bias online…well, you can probably figure it out for yourself!
  5. Study Hard and You’ll Master the Roulette Table
    Doing your homework can certainly help, but technically speaking there is no such thing as ‘mastering’ what is effectively a random outcome. You can certainly take control of your own wagering and ensure you don’t make any silly decisions. While at the same time taking into account the odds, the house edge and so on. Nevertheless, roulette isn’t the kind of game you can study intensively and suddenly find yourself in a position where you’re making non-stop profits. It just isn’t going to happen.
  6. Bet Odds and Evens at The Same Time for Guaranteed Wins
    To be frank, if we need to tell you why this doesn’t make a great deal of sense whatsoever, you probably shouldn’t be playing roulette in the first place! While it’s true to say that getting even amounts on opposite outcomes will reduce your likelihood of heavy losses, you also won’t win anything. Plus, there’s that all-important zero (or two of them!) on the wheel, meaning you could lose twice as much without ever having had a chance of winning a profit in the first place.
  7. Some Numbers Come Out More Frequently Than Others
    Last but not least, this statement can in fact hold true in many instances. Nevertheless, it is purely a case of chance and in no way indicates what may or may not happen with each consecutive spin. It could be that on one specific table, the number ‘12’ for example has landed with exponentially greater frequency than ‘10’. But what’s important to remember is that in a purely statistical sense, it is just as likely that the next 1,000 spins in a row will all come out ‘00’.

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