Foxbonus Launches in the UK

Spend just 5 minutes researching online casinos these days and you’ll understand just how huge the market is. There are literally thousands of different brands and businesses all competing for players’ attention. Most of which are continuously upping the ante to attract and retain as much business as possible.

Unsurprisingly, it’s getting more and more difficult for newcomers to the scene to find ways to stand out from the crowd. Precisely why it’s always interesting to see how the latest casinos to open their doors are pulling out all the stops to pull in the punters.

Of course, this doesn’t make it any easier for online casino gamers to know who to trust with their time and their money. You want to get the maximum possible enjoyment from your bankroll, but knowing where to start with such a wide range of options isn’t easy. 

Though it’s an issue one new online authority is seeking to simplify, having just made its grand debut here in Britain.

Foxbonus Launches in the UK

If generous online casino bonuses are your main priority, you’ll find pretty much everything you need to know over at isn’t a new name in the business. This community has been operating for a while and currently offers its services in 12 online casino markets. The UK is one of the latest additions, but it also encompasses countries like Canada, Spain, Russian Federation, Ireland, Portugal, Netherlands, Poland, Italy, France, Germany and India.

Having achieved major success elsewhere, these guys are now looking to do the same in the UK.

What is Foxbonus?

In the simplest possible terms, Foxbonus is an online casino comparison service that seeks to find the biggest and best deals available for customers worldwide.  Far from your everyday affiliate site, Foxbonus takes into account a wide variety of criteria when fitting casinos and listing its own recommendations.

Perhaps the most important thing of all with Foxbonus is the fact that it is a 100% independent site with no direct brand ties or loyalties. This means that the information they provide can be as brutally honest as it needs to be to point players in the right direction.

As outlined above, the fact that Foxbonus has been so successful in such a long list of countries suggests it’s the real deal. Not just another site designed to mislead players to pocket profits – Foxbonus is all about offering honest, impartial and objective information on the biggest and best bonuses around.

As for what’s taken into account by Foxbonus, their listings and recommendations are based on factors such as the following:

Welcome Bonuses

Introductory incentives for newcomers tend to be the primary point of contention between casinos. There’s a constant battle between operators to snare new customers with quite ludicrous introductory offers, which in most cases are not quite as generous as they appear to be.

Foxbonus factors welcome bonuses into the equation, which vary from the sublime to the ridiculous. Depending on who you sign up with, you could be looking at anything from 200% to 500% added to your initial deposit.

But what’s interesting about the whole Foxbonus recommendation system is how they don’t go look at these welcome bonuses quite as blindly as most. Instead, they take into account what really matters when signing up for a welcome bonus, which we’ll be taking a look at next.

Wagering Requirements

The severity of the wagering requirements attached to a bonus are often more important than the size of the bonus itself. You could be offered a bonus of 500%, but it’s not going to be of much use if it is subject to 50X wagering requirements.  By contrast, a bonus of just 50% with 10X wagering requirements or zero wagering requirements could be a more tempting proposition.

Foxbonus simplifies the whole thing by clearly publishing the wagering requirements that apply to the bonuses on offer. This makes it much easier to find a bonus that is actually worth claiming, while avoiding those that are deliberately misleading.  

Free Spins

Foxbonus covers the entire arena of free spin bonuses as well. In this case, two main things about free spins are covered. Of course, the first is the number of free spins. The second important aspect of free spins that is covered is how you can use them. 

In some instances, free spins can be used over an extensive period of time. In others, they need to be used more or less instantly.  Likewise, the games you can actually play with the free spins can also vary, as can any wagering requirements that apply to winnings. Again, information that is clearly presented by Foxbonus for the benefit of players.

Payment Methods

Payment methods must be carefully considered for two reasons. Firstly, you need to make sure that the casino you sign up with accepts your preferred methods of payment. Perhaps more importantly, you also need to know that they are not going to charge you excessive fees and commissions for payments or withdrawals.

This is the kind of information you really need to check before signing up with an online casino, as it can put a major and unnecessary dent in your bankroll. Foxbonus has been designed to make it as quick and easy as possible to clarify all important payment information, so that you can avoid any nasty surprises after signing up.


As always, signing up with an online casino is something that should be done mindfully and strategically. Even when using sites and services like Foxbonus, it is still important to conduct a little additional research and gauge public opinion with online reviews and recommendations.

Nevertheless, Foxbonus represents a great place to start for anyone looking to sign up with an online casino and get the most for their money. Particularly if bonuses and promotions are deal-breakers for you, you’ll find the biggest and best offers of the moment listed at Foxbonus.

Just be sure to check those wagering requirements and other T&Cs carefully, before claiming any online casino bonus!

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