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Finding a random online casino to play at is relatively easy these days. A simple web search will return a seemingly endless list of options to choose from. After which, more often than not, players opt for the first catchy name they see. You can understand why people do this, but if you’re looking for the best online casinos, you need to dig a little deeper.

But how exactly do you compare the features of hundreds of online casinos? Moreover, what separates the best online casinos from the rest of the pack?

Luckily, it’s not necessary to manually trawl through each one and keep note of which offers what. Instead, just like when searching for flights or booking hotels, there’s a site that finds the best online casinos for you –

Who is Casino Professor?

Casino Professor is a multilingual, award-winning website that specialises in reviewing online casinos. Each review contains a thorough breakdown of what to expect when going to a site. These details include the welcome bonus you initially get when signing up, what the bonus terms entail, the exact payment methods you can use, what type of games you can play, what the VIP program is like (if any), how good customer support is…the full works.

Yet, they acknowledge that many players aren’t interested in reading line after line of text to decide on the best online casinos for them. Instead, they want something quick and easy to help them out. So, in keeping with the preferred format of a big list of options to choose from, they’ve created a variety of pages that focus on a specific topic.

If the topic is interesting or applicable, you can simply navigate to that page for a list of relevant casinos. In some cases, they also include a few filters to narrow the results down even further to meet your needs.

Pick Your Perfect Bonus (& Make Sure There’s More to Come!)

One perk that players most commonly compare is a casino’s welcome bonus. As such, Casino Professor is careful to outline exactly what welcome bonus you’ll get when signing up. Whether it’s a no deposit bonus, first deposit bonus, or a combination of both, you’ll know the score. This will clearly be displayed in all lists on their site, but there are a few ways in which the offers can be tailored to what you prioritise personally.

For example, they have so many casinos with free spins that they created an entire page to house them all. Every site on this page offers free spins with no deposit which gives you the chance to win real money without risking any of your own. It is without doubt one of the most popular offers that players just love to find, and that means there’s always a decent number of free spins casinos available. You can browse through the options manually or use the filter provided to bring up options that have a specific number of free spins.

If you then decide to make a deposit, pretty much every online casino offers something in return for doing this. In fact, there are loads of different types of casino bonuses to choose from which will give you extra bonus money to play with. Exactly how much you get depends on how much you deposit and how generous each site is. It’s also common to see different players preferring bonuses of different sizes, so the filter on this page is particularly useful as it can be used to show only the offers you’re interested in.

Ongoing Perks and Privileges

But what comes after the welcome bonus? Anything? This is something that’s frequently overlooked by players who just click to visit the first option. They set their sights on the welcome offer only and don’t look back. Unfortunately, these initial treats don’t last forever. Therefore, if you’re a fan of bonuses, it’s a good idea to check whether a casino has more of them lined up once you’ve registered a new account.

Unfortunately, this isn’t set in stone like a first deposit bonus as casinos can and do switch around their offers from time to time which makes it harder to track.

However, the very best online casinos don’t just throw out a regular supply of random bonuses for all. Instead, they ask what your preferences are and accommodate to them. A great example of such a site is Casumo which hands our personalised offers to all players. You collect points every single time you wager money which eventually results in you levelling up. At this point, you’ll be treated to a bonus that has been plucked out just for you – which is a really nice touch!

Casino Professor explains exactly how this works in their Casumo Casino review – plus all the other topics mentioned above.

Try Something New

Of course, there’s more than just bonuses to consider when looking for the best online casinos. In fact, handouts like these take something of a backseat to the rest of the picture. The best online casinos aren’t defined by their generosity. Instead, they’re defined by what really matters.

This is where Casino Professor again comes in handy. They rigorously check all new online casinos to make sure they’re fit for purpose. For example, some of their basic requirements include:

  • A credible gambling licence – Not just any old certificate either. Instead, one that has a lot of authority behind it, such as those from the UK Gambling Commission or Malta Gaming Authority.
  • Timely customer support – While it’s not a dealbreaker to have a team available around the clock, there must be an easy way to get in touch so you can get help with issues promptly.
  • Games that are independently tested – Casinos have enough of a house-edge as it is without tipping the scales further in their favour. As such, all games need to be verified by a credible slot tester – such as Gaming Labs International – for a site to make the cut.

All of this, plus Casino Professor’s other checks, address concerns about whether a new casino is suspect or not. This also makes it easier to tap straight into the best online casinos out there, without wasting time.

Each casino also has a rating which gives you a good idea of where they stand compared with the all-time favourites. And of course, the review is always a click away too, if there’s something specific you want to know.

Unearth a Few Hidden Gems!

Finally, the Casino Professor team has reviewed hundreds of different online casinos since the site launched. In doing so, they’ve managed to uncover a few lesser-known gems along the way. Rather than keep these buried as secrets, they put the spotlight on them by writing articles and guides which explain why they’re important for players to know.

This has resulted in an archive of posts on a wide range of topics. At the time of writing, some of their most appealing pieces include:

  • £20 free no deposit casino – This explains how to get £20 free as a no deposit bonus. You’ll find detailed instructions on where to go and what to do in order to get this rare offer.
  • Pay by phone casino – This article walks you through all the available options of depositing via phone – including both Boku & not Boku methods. They describe how the process works for each method, what the advantages are, and if there are any specific drawbacks.

Long-story short – however you define the best online casinos, they’re much easier to find with the help of the pros. In the case of Casino Professor, all the insights you need to find the best online casinos hiding on the web are right there for the taking.

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