10 Points to Ponder as a Roulette Newbie

Roulette remains the most popular casino game worldwide for two simple reasons:

  1. It’s easy to get into with no complicated rules.
  2. It’s a quick-fire game packed with enjoyment.

The sheer simplicity of roulette has made it an unstoppable hit among amateur and professional gambling audiences worldwide. Some play with pennies on the line just for fun, while others aren’t afraid to bet the farm on a near-impossible outcome.

In any case, roulette has the potential to be one of the most enjoyable casino games…period.

Still, anyone new to roulette could benefit from a few basic pointers, before heading out to a casino for the first time. Or for that matter, playing roulette online. Whichever way you go, you’ll have a much more enjoyable (and perhaps rewarding) experience by bearing the following pointers in mind:

  1. Not all casinos are the same

In fact, quite the opposite is the case. Whether you choose to visit a real-life casino or play online, there are significant differences from one casino brand to the next. Differences that will have a marked impact on your experience from start to finish. Hence, it simply makes sense to carry out at least a little basic research ahead of time. Check which casinos have earned the highest possible ratings among real-life customers and stick with a name you know you can trust.

  1. Always play European roulette where possible

When a casino offers both American roulette and European roulette, it’s surprising to see how many players head to the American table. Not that American roulette isn’t enjoyable – it’s simply a case of tipping the odds in your favour…or otherwise. American roulette features an additional ‘00’ that means an instant loss for all players when it lands. That’s one extra possibility of losing your money and a significantly higher house edge. As there’s only one slot on a European roulette wheel that wipes out all bets in an instant, it’s better to stick with the European version.

  1. Play for free before using real money

If you aren’t familiar with the way the whole thing works, it simply makes sense to learn the ropes for free. Playing with an online casino means having the opportunity to play with unlimited virtual currency. This way, you can see how the game plays out and get a feel for roulette in general, prior to putting any real money on the line. It’s possible to play for low stakes in some real-life casinos, but playing for free is typically out of the question.

  1. Examine deposit and withdrawal processes

Playing online also means carefully checking all applicable terms and conditions, prior to putting any real money on the line. This is particularly important where deposit and withdrawal restrictions are concerned. In a working example, the casino may have a minimum deposit requirement of £20 and process withdrawals from £100 and up. If you’re only planning to play for pennies, this probably doesn’t suit your preferences or your bankroll. You’d be better finding a casino that processes withdrawals from £10 and up. It’s also worth checking whether any fees or commissions are payable on payments in either direction.

  1. It’s a different experience at a traditional casino

You can play to your heart’s content online, but playing roulette at a traditional casino is a whole new ballgame. A fantastic experience to say the least, but one that can be crowded, chaotic, noisy, distracting and perhaps even a little daunting for newcomers. Nevertheless, the buzz of a packed casino floor really does take some beating.

  1. Your emotions are your enemy

Easier said than done, but the key to success with all types of gambling lies in objectivity. Or to put it another way, not allowing your emotions to influence your decisions at any time. It’s impossible not to get caught up in the moment – where’s the fun in playing casino games like an emotionless robot? Nevertheless, the moment you begin letting your emotions take hold is the moment you’ll find yourself headed for a losing streak.

  1. Live dealer web casinos are exceptional

One of the best ways of combining the best of all worlds is to find a decent live-dealer online casino. Playing roulette online with a live host is about as close to the real thing as it gets, without actually having to pay a visit to a traditional casino. With the added bonus of the various incentives and deals you’ll be offered as a new customer. If online roulette is your thing, you’ll probably be in your element with live-dealer casino gaming.

  1. Study the odds in advance

Truth is, getting to grips with the most basic bets, odds and prize payouts with roulette is easy. As a newbie, you’ll probably be sticking to the simplest bets with the highest probability of winning – odds or evens, red or black etc. Nevertheless, if you intend to take things a step further, it’s worth studying the odds at a slightly deeper level. This way, you’ll be in a far better position to make informed decisions, in accordance with your bankroll and your playing preferences.

  1. Bankroll management is key

Speaking of which, bankroll management is just as important with entry-level roulette as it is at a more advanced level. Irrespective of the size of your bankroll, it’s up to you to ensure it is allocated and managed appropriately. If you have a total bankroll of £50, betting the entire £50 on the number 17 probably isn’t a good idea. By contrast, betting £5 at a time on red or black will keep you in the game for much longer. Never bring to the table more than you can afford to lose.

  1. Roulette is social in the extreme

Last but not least, it’s worth noting that if you head out to a real-life casino, you’re in for one hell of a social experience. The roulette table in particular tends to attract noisy and chatty folks from all backgrounds. If it’s peace, quiet and tranquillity you crave, you might want to think about playing roulette online instead.

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