Does Your Star Sign Affect the Way You Gamble?

The subject of horoscopes is one that never fails to divide public opinion. You either believe whole-heartedly in the whole thing, or you find it no less than nonsensical. Nevertheless, tens of millions of people worldwide genuinely believe that their fate and their future are written in the stars.

It’s no secret that gambling tends to bring out the superstitious in just about anyone. Lucky rabbit’ feet, the number 13, lucky underpants etc. – we all have our own weird and wonderful beliefs. Even if you think you’re the ultimate sceptic, chances are you rely on Lady Luck from time to time.

Personality Traits

Back with horoscopes, there are many who believe that the star signs we’re born with have a direct influence on our personalities. Certain star signs are deemed to be more aggressive than others, some more logical than others and so on. Whether or not it’s purely a case of cause and effect is a matter for debate, but people do quite often live their lives as their star signs dictate.

In addition, some go as far as to trust complete strangers to both read and map out their futures. Some visit fortune tellers, other call premium rate numbers and millions read into the horoscopes published in tabloid newspapers every day. Whichever way you look at it therefore, horoscopes and star signs are a big deal.

So it’s hardly surprising that millions of gamblers believe their star signs affect the way they gamble. If horoscopes affect everything else in life, why not your luck at the tables, too?

But it’s not purely about luck – it’s more about the way you approach gambling in general. So whether you’re a believer or the original sceptic, consider whether any of the following apply to you or those you gamble with:


The Aries gambler is said to be comparatively aggressive, bringing a competitive streak to the table and preferring high-octane games that pit people against other people. However, they’re not the best at keeping their emotions to themselves, therefore can’t expect to master an effective poker-face. The Aries gambler wears his or her heart on their sleeve and can usually be read like a book.


By contrast, the Taurus gambler is significantly more conservative and concerned with risk management. They prefer activities they can take complete control of, which is why gambling activities in general may not prove quite so appealing. Taurus gamblers are typically more likely to take to low-stakes games and online slots, where the risk of heavy losses can be minimised.


As for Geminis, it’s once again a case of lively and action-packed games.  Nevertheless, Gemini is associated with a certain amount of hazardousness and relentlessness. This opens the door to poor decision-making when emotions take over, but at the same time can mean enormous enjoyment when playing roulette, baccarat or poker.


Gamblers under the Cancer sign are most comfortable in their own space, therefore tend to favour online casino gaming over the crowded casino floor.  Once something of a handicap, online casino gamers now have access to the most extraordinary array of online gambling activities from leading providers worldwide. For the Cancer gamer, there’s never been a more enjoyable time to get stuck into online gaming!


Right at the opposite end of the scale, Leos are known for their penchant for all things luxurious and fabulous. Rather than staying at home, they prefer to lap up the luxury and social aspect of a traditional casino. They may also be inclined to ensure they remain the centre of attention, being right in their element at an energetic table with a bunch of other gamers. Leos are also unafraid of taking risks, irrespective of the outcome.


More analytical and practical than most, Virgos are all about calculated risk and strategy. Rather than simply diving into things and seeing what happens next, they’re far more likely to analyse every possible outcome and make their decisions accordingly. Precisely why Virgo gamblers perform particularly well at the blackjack table. If strategy and analysis can tip the odds in your favour, it’s the perfect game for you.


Outgoing and social in the extreme, Libras are not known for taking kindly to losing.  What’s more, they also have a habit of being indecisive when spoilt for choice. Both online and in a traditional casino therefore, it can be difficult for a Libra to settle on one specific game and master it. Instead, they’re far more likely to flit randomly from one game to the next, relying primarily on luck to get the job done.


The natural tacticians and strategists of the group, Scorpio gamblers have pure poker excellence written all over them. They possess the capacity to plan several moves in advance, read everything that takes place around them and produce a winning poker-face on command. Where strategy and analysis play more decisive roles than luck, a Scorpio opponent could be your worst nightmare.


As could a Sagittarius, who may be far too risky and impetuous to predict. They’re not interested in strategy and tactics, but instead throw caution to the wind and welcome the outcome. Hence, it’s almost impossible to predict what a Sagittarius will do next.


Practicality and conservativeness are the order of the day for Capricorn gamblers. They’re more about the simplicity of the gambling experience, rather than dedicating their time getting to grips with more complex games.


Fiendishly clever and relentlessly scientific, an Aquarius gambler is best-suited to games where skill and intuition are everything. Blackjack and poker topping the table by a considerable margin. In addition, those who fall under the Aquarius sign are also known to be somewhat eccentric and make great social companions.


Last but not least, Pisces players aren’t comfortable taking risks and tend to have somewhat suspicious or sceptical personalities. They’re happier gambling at home than in the midst of a crowded casino floor, though may be more likely to abstain entirely.

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