10 Things Not to Say to Gamblers on a Winning Streak

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog…which of course you should have been…you’ll have seen our recent post on what not to say when someone has just lost big. Which is why we thought we’d follow this up with a post focusing on the exact opposite:

The kinds of things you should never say to someone on a winning streak.

Admittedly, it seems like a bit of a strange concept. After all, given the fact that they’re onto a winner, surely it would be difficult to say anything wrong, right?

You’d think so, but in reality this just isn’t the case at all. Once again, there are certain things you should refrain from saying at all costs, given the way in which each has its own unique negative implications.

So should you find yourself in the company of a relentless winner next time you’re indulging in a little gambling, try your best to stay away from the following 10 statements, along with anything that may qualify as similar:

  1. You Can’t Lose!
    First of all, never include the three words in any sentence you utter at any time. The reason being that not only is it fundamentally wrong, but chances are that just as soon as you say it, losing is exactly what they will do. The problem being that even though their luck couldn’t possibly hold out anyway, it is you who will be blamed for cursing them. Their losing streak will come to an end and it will be 100% your fault – even if it isn’t.
  2. You’re Buying the Drinks/Dinner
    It can be tempting to instinctively attempt to tap into the newfound wealth of those who appear to be on a winning streak. Nevertheless, there are so many instances when and where those who have just won quite a lot of money might not want to or be able to be entirely generous. For example, they may have previously lost a fortune you didn’t know about. They may be in some kind of financial difficulty you aren’t aware of, or perhaps they already have the cash earmarked for something else. In any case, making these kinds of demands (no matter how bad your own night has been) really isn’t the way to go.
  3. I’ve Got a Good Feeling About Red/Black
    Or absolutely any prediction whatsoever – simply refer back to the first entry in this list. One of the biggest problems with winning streaks is the way in which you find yourself getting so caught up in the action that you genuinely believe the lucky person in question cannot lose. Plus, you may also assume that as they have already won plenty, it doesn’t really matter now if their winning streak comes to an end. Trust us when we that the very last thing you want is to be the person blamed for making it happen.
  4. Can I Have Some Chips?
    You can rest assured that if the individual in question is a good friend and if they can afford to do so, chances are they will pass you a few chips to play with if they have just won a fortune. If they don’t willingly give you any chips to play with, it is because they a) feel they cannot afford to or b) or simply do not want to. In either case, you will find yourself putting them in an awkward position that just makes things awkward for everyone.
  5. I Hope You’re Tipping the Dealer Well
    Under no circumstances should you ever get involved in the tipping habits of anyone other than yourself. Exactly how much any person decides to tip is up to them and them alone. By getting involved, you run the risk of creating a fundamentally awkward situation and putting everyone in an unfortunate position. Long story short, this is one subject where you need to keep your mouth shut.
  6. You’re Just Lucky
    While there will always be a certain amount of luck involved, skill also plays a role and so does discipline. It’s worth remembering that there’s a big difference between pointing out how lucky someone is in a positive way and doing so with a head full of spite. In the case of the latter, you’ll only out yourself as a rather bitter and jealous loser.
  7. I’d Increase My Bets if I Was You
    There are two reasons why it is not a good idea to advise anyone on a winning streak about their bets. For one thing, you give the impression that you know more than they do – despite the fact that they are doing a better job than you are. On top of this, you also run the risk of advising them to increase their bets only to then be blamed for bringing their winning streak to an end.
  8. How Much Have You Won?
    Once again, you will find out how much the individual in question has won if they choose to share this information with you. If they don’t, it is because for one reason or another they do not want to tell you. So feel free to discuss the subject if it comes up, but don’t be the one to bring it up yourself.
  9. Bet It All, It’s All Free Money at This Stage
    Exactly as above in point seven, but in this instance you point out the fact that they are playing with the house’s money. A terrible idea as if you manage to convince them to place an enormous bet given that it is technically ‘free’ money, you could be held responsible when they lose every penny of it. Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as free money – it’s all worth the same.
  10. Time to Stop, Let’s Go
    Last but not least, the only one who can decide when the time has come to walk away during a winning streak is the gambler in question. If you tell a friend who is winning big that it’s time to stop, you run the risk of them then blaming you for not allowing them to continue and win even more. Even if in reality, they may have lost everything. Feel free to bring up the subject of quitting while ahead, but don’t get too pushy – it could backfire on you.

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