CSGO Betting: The Basics You Need to Know

Slowly but surely, video gaming is being recognised as a real contender on the 21st century online betting market. The popularity of Esports is growing at record pace and is already a multi-billion-dollar global industry.

As a result, gambling opportunities like CSGO betting are starting to hit the mainstream. More online bookmakers than ever before are extending their betting markets to include Esports, widening the appeal of online gambling to a larger and more diverse audience than ever before.

But as is the case with all types of online gambling, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the basics before getting started. CSGO gambling really is the biggest thing in Esports gambling at the moment, but it’s worth getting to grips with how the whole thing works prior to placing any bets.

What Is CSGO Gambling All About?

CSGO gambling essentially takes one of the world’s most popular multiplayer games and enhances it with sensible betting. At its heart, CSGO betting is similar to any other sports betting market in the world. You place money on one or more outcomes (for which the odds are predetermined by the bookmaker) and you win or lose accordingly.

With CSGO, no two players or teams are ever equal or identical. Bookmakers establish odds on CSGO events in accordance with the win record, experience and general capabilities of the individuals or teams taking part. As with sports betting in general, the less likely an individual or team is to win, the bigger the odds and the bigger the prizes on the table if they do.

Where Can I Get involved in CSGO Betting?

As mentioned, more bookmakers are joining the Esports movement all the time. A movement that’s gradually being taken over by video games like CSGO. It’s therefore simply a case of finding an established and reputable CSGO betting site, signing up in the usual way and placing your bets accordingly.

As usual, you will need to be of a qualifying age to open an account and gamble. Usually 18, but sometimes 21 years of age. Always check the terms and conditions of the betting site you’re planning to join, before signing up.

What’s the Legality of CSGO Gambling?

Esports betting in general is pretty much identical to traditional sports betting. As a result, it tends to fall under the same classification and general jurisdiction-specific policies/legislation as any other type of gambling. As a result, this means CSGO betting may or may not be legal in your jurisdiction.

If online gambling in general isn’t permitted where you live, it’s unlikely CSGO betting will be legal. It’s also perfectly possible that while certain types of gambling are allowed, this type of online betting is prohibited. Hence, it’s up to you to check where you stand in terms of the legality of Esports betting, before signing up and placing any bets.

Are There any Good CSGO Betting Tips I Should Know About?

For the most part, the key to success (or at least an enjoyable experience) with CSGO lies in the same basic principles that apply to all forms of gambling. As a result, most CSGO betting tips are based on little more than common sense.

Nevertheless, for those getting started with this type of gaming and gambling for the first time, the following tips may prove useful:

Accept You Won’t Win Every Time

Irrespective of the odds, there is no way of accurately predicting the outcome of any game with any real consistency. Even if the world’s most experienced and successful team takes on an outright newcomer, things can and do go wrong. Subsequently, you need to accept right off the bat that you aren’t going to win every time. Anticipate losses as an inevitability, train yourself to be gracious in defeat and know when to walk away from a losing streak.

Research the Teams In-Depth

Just as you would with any other sporting event, it pays to get to know the teams you’re betting on at the deepest possible level. Placing bets exclusively in accordance with odds is an option, but is not always the most sensible option. Some of the things it can be useful to find out about the teams you intend to bet on include the following:

  • Team History
  • Win %
  • Head-to-Head Matchups
  • Tournament Performance

The more you know about the teams, the more likely you are to make educated and informed bets. All of which could ultimately work out in your favour.

Watch More Games

In-depth research is all well and good, but you’ll learn far more about how the whole thing works by actually watching more games. Some gamblers simply keep an eye on the orders and the results, without actually watching the teams they bet on doing their thing. Watching more games provides the perfect opportunity to note the strength and weaknesses of the teams and players taking part, patterns in playing styles/preferences and so on. All important for hedging your bets accordingly.

Manage Your Bankroll

It’s up to you and you alone to ensure you don’t end up losing more money than you can afford to. When betting on SCGO or any other event taking place, you should only ever wager as much as you can afford to lose.

Your bankroll must consist exclusively of disposable income – money you don’t really need for anything else. There’s every possibility you’ll win and walk away with a prize, but it’s just as likely you’ll lose. Hence, the importance of strategic and sensible bankroll management.

Focus on Enjoying the Action

Last but not least, it’s important to remind yourself on a periodic basis what gambling is all about. That being, entertainment and enjoyment. If you don’t get a kick out of the whole thing – even when you lose – you’re in it for the wrong reasons.

CSGO betting and all types of gambling across the board cannot be relied on to turn a profit. You may win a prize on occasion, but actually coming out of the deal with more money than you started with long-term is practically impossible. Focus on enjoying the action first, treating any wins that come your way as a welcome yet unexpected bonus.

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