Choosing the Best Casino Game for Your Bankroll

Every dedicated casino gamer has their own go-to casino game. If you don’t…well, you can’t really call yourself a pro. One of the classic tell-tale signs of an amateur is those who drift pretty aimlessly from one game to the next, without any real thought or consideration. By contrast, experts tend to prioritise one specific game over all others.

The question being – which is the game for you?

Well, while it’s true to say that personal preference plays a role, so too does your bankroll. Perhaps even to a larger extent. Of course, casino gaming never has been and never will be about making money. Or at least, it shouldn’t be – enjoyment should be your number one priority. Still, depending on how much cash you have and how much you are willing to spend/lose, it’s a good idea to factor this into the decision you make.

Just for the record here, we’re actually talking about real-life casino floors, rather than online gambling. The biggest difference being that when it comes to real life casinos, minimum and maximum stakes tend to be considerably higher.  In addition, it’s pretty rare to come across any real-life casino games that you can play or even practice free of charge. Once again, this somewhat highlights the importance of selecting your go-to game wisely.

Don’t misconstrue however – variety really is the spice of life. Nevertheless, if you intend to play casino games frequently, heavily or at something of a professional level, it’s wise to keep an eye on your bankroll. 

So with this in mind, here’s a quick rundown of the kinds of casino games that suit small, medium and generous bankrolls:

Smaller Bankrolls: Slot Machines

First of all, with slot machines you find yourself in something of a catch 22 situation. In terms of the positives, slot machines are readily available in thousands of different shapes and sizes – most of which you can usually play for pennies. In addition, most decent slots have relatively solid return to player (RTP) percentages, meaning that a little money goes a long way. You don’t have to have a great deal of expertise, the atmosphere in the slots section is usually lively enough and you don’t have to worry too much about people looking over your shoulder at what you’re doing. So if you’re looking to spend as little as possible but continue gaming for the longest possible time, slot machines could be the way to go.

This is precisely why slots always have been and probably always will be the number-one choice for the overwhelming majority of casino gamers. On the downside, the single biggest disadvantage with slots is the way in which there’s really no game in the casino where you have a lower chance of winning a decent prize.  Think of it this way – more than 70% of the entire profits raked in by casinos come from slots. So once again, these are the kinds of games to focus on if you are more about entertainment than walking away with a prime payday.

Mid-Sized Bankrolls: Craps

If your bankroll is slightly larger, you’ll technically find yourself with freedom of choice across the entirety of the casino. Just as long as you do your best to avoid the tables with the highest stakes, the world of gambling really is your oyster. However, if you’d like to focus your attention on something that suits mid-rollers like yourself to a tee, you might find yourself right at home with craps. There are various reasons why craps makes a great game for mid-sized bankrolls – one of which being the deceptive simplicity of it all. The craps table also tends to have the most energetic and enjoyable atmosphere in the whole casino – particularly if you find yourself on a winning streak. Plus there’s the way in which multiple rolls of the dice usually occur in every round, meaning that the pace of play remains controlled and your money goes further.

In terms of strategy, there are basically two ways of hitting the craps table. One of which is to place your bets on the Don’t Pass line – an appealing prospect, given that it has the lowest house edge at just 1.36%. Unfortunately, you will also find yourself competing directly with pretty much every other player at the table. Trust us when we say you will have so much more fun betting and winning with your fellow players – hence why it’s better to go with the Pass Line bet. Plus the house edge isn’t a great deal higher at 1.41%.

High Bankrolls: Baccarat

Last up, while poker is often mistakenly assumed to be the game of games for high rollers, it is actually baccarat that takes the title. This really is the kind of game that sees the rich and famous winning and losing six figures in seconds on the turn of two cards. In fact, it is often said that baccarat single-handedly funded the construction of Las Vegas.

As for why it is so popular among high rollers, the truth is it’s something of a mystery. The house edge is relatively low and the overall simplicity of the game itself is equally modest. To be frank, it’s most likely a simple case of the glamour and prestige naturally associated with baccarat. And for that, we of course have James Bond to thank at least in part. If it’s a game you can afford, you’ll never tire of the bottomless Dom Perignon Champagne and spectacular personal VIP service high rollers quickly get used to. But unless you’re happy to watch ridiculous sums of money leave your pockets on a whim, you probably won’t get much value for money out of baccarat.

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