Awful Advice: 8 Pearls of Wisdom to Ignore at All Costs

When somebody takes the time to share a piece of casino related advice with you, flipping them the bird and telling them to jog on isn’t the proper thing to do. Nevertheless, it could often be a much wiser course of action than reading into their pearls of wisdom!

Be it a friend, family member or some random person on the casino floor you don’t know from Adam, you can rest assured that you’ll be thrown all manner of odd and interesting tidbits from time to time. Which is precisely why it’s important to know which you should be listening to and which you should be avoiding at all costs.

Even if they have your best interests at heart, they could still be sending you an entirely the wrong path.

So with this in mind, what follows is a brief overview of 8 apparent pearls of wisdom you might want to think about ignoring:

  1. This slot machine is due for a big win
    First and foremost, anyone who tells you that any slot machine in any casino in any country in the world is due for a big win is delusional. Well, perhaps not delusional, but sorely mistaken. The simple fact of the matter is that even when a machine hasn’t paid out for hours, weeks or even months, this doesn’t mean it is any more likely to pay out now. Odds are odds – and the odds are always the same with every spin. Meaning that if there was a one-in-100,000 chance of winning the jackpot 50 spins ago, it’s the same one-in-100,000 chance with the next spin…and every other.
  2. If you track the roulette results, you can pinpoint a pattern
    Sorry – no, you can’t! The thing about roulette that so many people seem to fail to take into account is that the result is 100% random with each and every spin. Meaning that even in instances where patterns appear to emerge, it is still a case of pure coincidence and nothing more. The problem being that the moment you start believing you can pinpoint these kinds of patterns, you completely lose sight of logic and put yourself in a dangerous position.
  3. Strategy doesn’t count when playing poker or blackjack
    On one hand, there is a huge element of chance in play when it comes to every blackjack and poker session across the board. But at the same time, this doesn’t mean that strategy doesn’t also make a big difference. While it’s not as if you can guarantee success every time, following some basic strategy with blackjack or poker can minimise the likelihood of facing heavy losses and improve your chances of winning at least something.
  4. This roulette system always works
    Once again, anyone who believes that there is some kind of secret code, strategy or system that can predict the outcome when it comes to roulette is barking up the wrong tree. The same also goes for the kinds of betting strategies that are supposedly able to ‘guarantee’ profit to some extent or another. The thing you need to remember is this – if there was any kind of roulette system that worked, it would have been sold millions of times for vast amounts of money and rendered the game itself obsolete.
  5. Counting cards works with online blackjack
    Oh dear…by far and wide one of the most comprehensively misguided and dangerous presumptions to make in the world of online gaming. For one thing, getting it right with card counting in the first place is spectacularly difficult. For another, it is fundamentally impossible to make card counting work with online blackjack, given the way in which you cannot keep your eye on the deck. Not to mention, the fact that a fresh deck is introduced for each hand.
  6. Hedge your bets and you’re sure to win
    No, you’re not – you’re more likely to end up losing even more. Hedging bets represents a popular approach among casino gamers and investors alike, which involves placing multiple bets at the same time on different outcomes to reduce the likelihood of loss. Nevertheless, the fact that the odds are always stacked in favour of the house means that the more wagers you place, the more likely you are to lose. Which is precisely why hedging bets only represents a viable strategy when combined with an intelligent, informed and logical approach to whichever game it is you are playing.
  7. You can track prize payouts with online slots
    Think about it – would the developers behind the most advanced and popular online slots in the world really be stupid enough to have them demonstrate any kinds of payout patterns whatsoever? For obvious reasons, the answer is of course – not a chance in hell! Everything that happens with every online slot on the face of the earth is 100% random and always will be. Those who believe they can pinpoint patterns of any kind are therefore fooling themselves, not to mention those that they choose to share their words of wisdom with.
  8. It’s all down to luck
    Last but not least, while chance and luck will always play a pivotal role in determining the outcome with every kind of casino game across the board, there is far more to it than luck alone. After all, if you find yourself on the back of a losing streak or perhaps pocketing the most extraordinary payouts possible, you and you alone made the decision to do whatever it is to get yourself into the position you are in right now. Or to put it another way – chance plays a role in determining the outcome, but has no impact or influence whatsoever on the decisions you make. Which is precisely where the importance of learning basic strategy and getting to know the games inside out comes into its own. You’ll need plenty of luck to succeed as a casino gamer, but all the luck in the world is no substitute for a solid knowledge base and a strong grasp of logic.

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